2013: PeR - Here We Go

Originally a trio, the group PeR was founded in 2007. The name apparently stands for "please explain the rhythm" and originally featured Ralfs Eilands, Emīls Vegners, and Pēteris Upenieks in its line up. The group got its big break that same year, when they took part at the Dziesma Manai Paaudzei music festival in Latvia. Later on that year they acheived considerable success in Russia, where they came fourth taking part in the talent show Minuta Slavy. They rounded off the year by taking part in the annual music festival Bildes.

2008 would be a turbulent year for PeR, with alterations made to the line up. Emīls Vegners left the trio and was replaced by Edmunds Rasmanis. The groups low turned into a high, however, as they made it to the final of the TV talent show Latvijas Zelta Talanti. This exposure opened many doors for the trio, leading to their first appearance in the Latvian selections in 2009, where they made it to the final performing Bye Bye together with Sabīne Berezina, coming ninth.

Their second attempt at Eurovision glory came the next year, when they came last in the final with Like A Mouse. They did however get to represent Latvia at the New Wave 2010 music contest, ending up in eleventh place. The following year PeR suddenly became a duo, as Pēteris Upenieks left the band and they took a year off from the Latvian selections. They burst back onto the scene the following year however, coming fifth in Eirodziesma final with Disco Superfly. During the course of their career, PeR have released nine singles, and their debut self-titled album, PeR appeared last year.

The duo have also achieved a certain degree of success outside of their native Latvia, performing at the Reiu Rock festival in neighbouring Estonia. Their single Go Get Up also saw chart action in other countries, becoming popular i both Lithuania and Denmark. Ralfs Eilands is no stranger to Eurovision, having previously attempted to represent Latvia at junior Eurovision in 2004, placing third with Dziesmiņa Par Mērkaķi.

Participant Profile

  • Year 2013
  • Song title Here We Go
  • Song writer(s) Ralfs Eilands / Arturas Burke
  • Language English
  • Video

In the semi final

  • Which semi final? Semi-Final 2
  • Starting position 1
  • About the selection

    Since their one and only win back in 2002 with Marie N and I Wanna, Latvia has enjoyed rather mixed fortunes at the Eurovision Song Contest, with 2008 being the last time the qualified for a final. Broadcaster Latvijas Televīzija (LTV), opened for submissions on the 19th of October, simultaneously outlining the rules and regulations for their newly revamped selection, Dziesma 2013. An amendment to the rules of this years’ selection enabled overseas composers and writers to take part for the first time in quite a number of years. As in previous years, however, all particpating acts had to be Latvian nationals. Opening for overseas composers was indeed a smart move by LTV, because by the time the submissions deadline had drawn to a close on the 30th of November, no fewer than 122 entries had been received – a record for the broadcaster.

    A total of 24 entries were selected from the hopeful candidates by a professional jury. The performing artists of the 24 entries weren’t publicised until mid January. Prior to then, all the shortlisted entries were available to listen to in their demo form on the LTV Dziesma website. The Latvian selection was spread over two weekends, with two semi finals taking place on the 8th and 9th of February, and the grand final scheduled for the 16th of February.
    Twelve acts would feature in each semi and by means of a 50/50 mix of jury and televotes, the top six acts from each semi would advance to the final. Both semi finals were arranged at the Palladium Concert Hall, Riga, with no fewer than three hosts : Mārtiņš Meiers, Madara Botmane and Anta Aizupe. The trip would also host the grand final in Ventspils from the Juras Varti Theatre House, which has become something of a tradition.

    The six acts to advance from each semi final were:

    Semi 1:
    1. Samanta TīnaI Need A Hero
    2. PeR Sad Trumpet
    3. Liene CandyHigher and Higher
    4. Sabīne BerezinaUpside Down
    5. Antra StafeckaWhen You Are With Me
    6. HeadlineLove

    Semi 2:
    1. Niko One
    2. Marta Ritova – I Am Who I Am
    3. PeRHere We Go
    4. Pieneņu VīnsThe One
    5. Dāvids Kalandija & DināraFool In Love
    6. Ieva SutugovaCold Heart

    There were a number of names that were familiar to fans, back for another attempt at winning the Latvian ticket to Eurovision. Sabīne Berezina, Pieneņu Vīns, PeR, Liene Candy and Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis were all vying to take home the first prize this year. PeR excelled themselves, having an entry in each respective semi and having both make it to the top three, and thus having two songs in the final.

    A 50/50 combination of public and jury voting selected three super finalists from the twelve acts in the running. The three acts to make it to the super final were Marta Ritova, PeR and Samanta Tīna. A combination of votes was again employed to select the winner, in what was an extremely closely fought round. Victors PeR were the jury favourites, but only just pipped Samanta Tīna at the post, with their 6289 votes over her 6204 votes, thus resulting in Here We Go being announced as Latvian entrant at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

  • About the song

    Here We Go will be the 14th outing for Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest. It is an upbeat pop song written by Ralfs Eilands and composed by him together with other bandmate, Arturas Burke. The lyrics deal with someone being unstoppable, overcoming seemingly every obstacle in his way. The song has already cracked a number of domestic charts based on radio airplay, peaking at #1 on the Spice Chart and Latvian Airplay Top 50 as well as #5 on the Spin FM charts.

  • Lyrics

    Ladies, scream!

    Here we go, here we go
    So alive in the sky we can fly
    Here we go, here we go
    So alive in the sky we can fly

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I need a starlight
    'Cuz never have I had a day without a fight
    I slide through the darkness it took me to a height
    Of a lonesome, cold and a never ending night
    I’m the man on the moon call me Andy Kaufman
    There are demons inside me but I’m ma stomp ‘em
    I, I know I can be an unstoppable force
    I try, man, let me take a walk on the bright side

    Here we go, here we go
    So alive in the sky we can fly
    Here we go, here we go
    So alive in the sky we can fly

    A lot of thoughts in my head keep pulling me down
    So many guests in my house I couldn’t notice the sound
    Of the doorbell telling they’re about to come
    I’m surrounded by problems I got to run
    (But no) I keep pulling myself up
    (But no) I keep pulling myself up
    I’m on a mission to fulfil my vision
    All day everyday - never ever, ever give up

    Here we go, here we go
    So alive in the sky we can fly

    Here we go, here we go
    So alive in the sky we can fly
    Here we go, here we go
    So alive in the sky we can fly