2009: Hadıse - Düm Tek Tek

Hadise Açıkgöz was born on the 21st of October 1985 to Turkish parents in Mol, Flanders, Belgium. She was raised in an environment where her parent encouraged her immensely to follow her dreams and develop her creativity. Although she had studied economics and modern languages (it is said that the singer is fluent in five languages; Turkish, Dutch, French, German and English, singing has always been her passion. The young hopeful finally took the plunge and entered the Belgian version of Pop Idol, Idool in 2003. Although she failed to qualify for the show, her performance didn’t go unnoticed. Local music svengali Johan Hendrickx spotted her potential and was quick to offer the budding starlet a record contract.

Hadise was signed to the 2Brain label in 2005, and shortly after released her debut single Sweat. Even without a music video, the track still managed to climb to #19 on the Flemish Ultratop chart. Her follow up single, Stir Me Up attracted similar interest, only this time gaining huge popularity in Turkey, paving the way for bigger things. A third single Milk Chocolate Girl was also released, going on to become the biggest hit from her debut album Sweat, making #13 on the Ultratop chart. Her album Sweat was released in November 2005 in Belgium, breaking the top 20 of the Belgian album charts, achieving 17th place.

2008 saw the release of her follow up album, the self entitled Hadise, with the lead single A Good Kiss released in Ocotber 2007. This was Hadise’s first single to make it onto the Turkish Billboard charts, peaking at #3. My Body followed, becoming her biggest hit in Belgium and simultaneously winning her new fans across the Balkan region. Her album achieved similar success to its predecessor, and her ever increasing popularity landed her a presenter spot on the Flemish version of X Factor.

Hadise’s friend Kate Ryan had previously competed for Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest, an experience which prompted Hadise to rule out any future participation onher part at the event. In 2009, however, previous scepticism had seemingly been brushed aside when in 2008 she announced her intention to take part and represent Turkey. National broadcaster TRT confirmed their selection of Hadise in October 2008. Work continued in the mean time on her third studio album Fast Life, which would also include her Eurovision entry Düm Tek Tek. The album fared slightly better than her two previous efforts, making #16 on the Flemish album charts and even achieveing #66 on the Japanese charts! Hadise simultaneously released a Turkish language album to cement her success, Kahraman (Hero), with lead single Evlenmeliyiz (Let’s Get Married) climbing to #6 on the Turkish charts.

Following a succesfull tour, Hadise commenced work on her follow up Turkish album Aşk Kaç Beden Giyer? (What Size Does Love Wear?) which was released in April 2011, with the track Superman being scheduled as the lead single.
The talented singer cites musical influences as varied as Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, Prince, Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey. The young star is also something of a philanthropist, devoting a considerable amount of her time and energy to charitable causes, chiefly cancer research in Belgium, and has also acted as one of the front figures for an anti bullying campaign due to earlier traumatic childhood experiences.

Participant Profile

  • Year 2009
  • Song title Düm Tek Tek
  • Song writer(s) Sinan Akçıl / Hadise Açıkgöz / Stefaan Fernande
  • Language English
  • Video

In the final

  • Starting position 18
  • Rank 4
  • Points 177

In the semi final

  • Which semi final? Semi-Final 2
  • Starting position 9
  • Rank 2
  • Points 172
  • About the selection

    A certain amount of speculation surrounds the announcement that Hadise was to represent Turkey at the Eurovision Song Contest, 2009. Rumours began back in October 2008, when Turkish daily Sabah published a report claiming that TRT had narrowed their decision down to two candidates, Şebnem Ferah and Hadise, following their call the previous month for ideas on a possible representative for Turkey. The claim was swiftly denied by TRT, who said that they were still in negotiations with possible candidates.

    However, a mere few days later, the official confirmation came that Hadise had indeed been put forward as the Turkish representative for Eurovision. The singer had three tracks that were presented to TRT for selection; the broadcaster had given her complete freedom in choosing the language of her entry as well as her decision on the lyricist, composer and arranger of her eventual entry. Three songs were proposed to TRT as entry candidates: Double Life, Supernatural Love and Düm Tek Tek. An internal jury within TRT would have the final decision in which song would represent Turkey, with the chosen song being aired on New Year’s Eve as part of a TV special.

    When asked why she chose to represent Turkey instead of her native Belgium, it’s claimed that Hadise had stated that the main factor in her decision was that the Eurovision Song Contet was no longer popular in Belgium, whereas in Turkey interest for the event had exploded. Controversy surrounded the music video for her entry too, as TRT chose not to release it, deeming it as too racy and with reservations that it would appeal to the Eurovision juries. These claims have however since been strenuously denied by Hadise’s manager, Süheyl Atay.

  • About the song

    Düm Tek Tek is written and composed by Sinan Akçıl, Hadise Açıkgöz and fellow Belgian, Stefaan Fernande. The song is a modern dance number, highly succesfull in combining a modern dance sound with a contemporary and distinctly Turkish feel. The title refers to a heartbeat and the sound it makes (boom bang bang). Although uptempo, it is considered by many to be a love song owing to its lyrics.

    The song was without doubt one of the biggest hits to come out of the contest that year. Following her sultry performance and a 4th placing for Turkey, the single was released in many European countries, as well as in Japan. Düm Tek Tek unsurprisingly shot to the top of the Flemish charts, where it stayed for 3 weeks, and staying on the charts for 12 weeks. The single also enjoyed huge success in Greece, where it peaked at #2. The track was also succesfull in Scandinavia, reaching #12 on the Swedish and #29 on the Finnish charts. It also managed to chart in numerous other territories, including Germany (#70), Switzerland (#73) The Netherlands (#99), Russia (#251) and the UK, reaching #127. It also managed to make an impact on the iTunes charts of many other countries. Surprisingly, there are no official facts for its chart performance in Turkey, although it did become a smash radio hit abd featured on many unofficial charts.

    Oddly enough, Düm Tek Tek went on to great success outside Europe too, namely Japan. The ring tone of Düm Tek Tek also became a smash hit in the land of the rising sun. The song has also been covered in South Africa, being recorded in an Afrikaans version by singer Andriëtte, entitled Dum Tekk Tekk.

  • Lyrics

    Düm Tek Tek

    Baby you’re perfect for me
    You are my gift from heaven
    This is the greatest story
    Of all times
    We met like in a movie
    So meant to last forever
    And what you’re doing to me
    Feels so fine

    Angel, I wake up and live my dreams
    Crazy for you!

    Can you feel the rhythm in my heart
    The beat’s going Düm Tek Tek
    Always out it like there’s no limit,
    Feels like there’s no way back

    Baby, I read all answers
    In your exotic movements
    You are the greatest dancer
    Of all times
    You make me feel so special
    No one can kiss like you do
    As if it’s your profession
    Feels so fine…

    Can you feel the rhythm in my heart
    The beat’s going Düm Tek Tek
    Always out it like there’s no limit,
    Feels like there’s no way back