Onuka and NAONI Orchestra release live album

They won hearts at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with their interval performance, and now Onuka and the NAONI Orchestra have collaborated on a live album together. The album includes full versions of the songs that were mashed together for Eurovision.

Yesterday, Onuka announced the release of their latest album. Although not a new album, the album is a live recording of the folk funk band performing with the NAONI Orchestra. The two collaborated together as part of this year’s Eurovision interval performance.

The album was recorded in December 2016, long before they presented these songs to Europe.

With the new album, fans will get to enjoy the full, live versions of the songs that were mashed together during the interval. Such as Vidlik, Untitled, Around Me and Zavtra amongst others.

Music-wise, it’s sort of a countdown for us personally. The one we go back to time to time, again and again” Onuka explained via Facebook post. “The story began on June 28th, 2016 with the release of the music video for ‘Other’, accompanied by the National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments. Over time it was followed-up by 17 tracks that were presented on December 11, 2016 in front of the Kyiv audience. We do not look back. We just want to remember this magic”.

Following their interval performance Onuka quickly shot to the top of the European electronic music charts. Many people enjoying the refreshing sound of modern mixed with traditional folk music.

Listen to, and buy the album

The album has been released for streaming and sale through the following channels: Apple music, Google play, Spotify, Deezer, Sound Cloud and iTunes.

You can remind yourself of the unique performance of Onuka alongside the NAONI Orchestra by watching our video below.

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