Latvia 2018: Jenny May’s Soledad brings Latino influences to Supernova

Latvia has to be commended this year for their wide musical diversity in the Supernova 2018. The contest will be held in February 2018. Can Jenny May’s Hispanic treat go all the way to the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal?

For those of you sorry to see Despacito ride into the sunset, Jenny May offers a new Spanish summer hit. Her song, Soledad is one of Latvia’s 2018 potential Eurovision entries.

Jenny May tells EuroVisionary that she was a huge Latino fan when she was a child. Like so many children, she used to turn up the music, when alone at home. She danced in front of the mirror, pretending to give her own concert.

Jenny May started her musical career singing pop songs. Her musical producers had their qualms about Jenny May performing Latino music, fearing her Latvian audience would have no interest.

In 2011 Jenny May released the song Es gribu vēl mīlē (Still Want To Love). The success of the song proved to Jenny May that she should change her musical direction, to the Spanish influences that she loves.

Jenny May has recorded a Latino album and hopes to use Supernova 2018 as a stepping stone to advertise her sound, outside of Latvia. The song, Soledad, was written by Maija Stuģe, Martin Karl Hägglund, Martin Björn Hanzén, Tim Erik Åström, Michael Javier Hernan Barraza Alfaro. You can sing along to the infectious tune below.

Source: Jenny May, EuroVisionary

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