Latvia 2018: Ed Rallidae spills milk over Aminata and What I Had With You

Ed Rallide has just released the lyric video for his Latvian Supernova 2018 entry What I Had With You.This song was co-written by Aminata, Latvia’s Eurovision entry from 2015.

Aminita heard Ed sing at a club and knew immediately she wanted to write a song for him. She got together with Kaspars Ansons and wrote the song What I Had With You, especially for Ed.

Ed knew nothing about this. He told EuroVisionary that he was genuinely humbled that Aminata would even consider writing a song for him.

The singer heard the news when he was at the mall, buying groceries. When he saw Aminata’s name on his phone, he dropped his milk with excitement. He continued that working with Aminata has been an amazing experience. Aminata inspires Ed to work harder and be as professional as he can be.

Ed says that although he did not write the song he relates to the lyrics a lot. The story is about a failed relationship, but then you find out, it failed, because of nobody else but you.

See what you think of the song in the lyric video below.

Source: Ed Rallidae

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