Jana Burčeska’s long sexy legs to steal the focus in Kyiv

Well known choreographer Ambra Succi will be responsible for Jana Burčeska stage performance in Kyiv. She wants to highlight the long sexy legs of Jana in the presentation. Jana herself feels confident she will reach the final.

Jana Burčeska is a confident girl. Without putting too much pressure on herself, she is sure she will make it to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest this year.

I am sure that we will go to the final. I can promise that. I don’t want to go to Kyiv with the big expectations though as it will put a pressure on me. After all I am very happy that I’ve received a unanimous support from my country men – the most important for my is that they like my song.

Told to Večer

Furthermore Jana also told to “Večer” that the Swedish dancer and choreographer Ambra Succi will choreograph her stage performance in Kyiv. Ambra also choreographed and performed in the video for FYR Macedonia’s Eurovision entry Dance Alone. Ambra revealed that Jana’s legs will get a central part in the performance.

“Jana is young and very sophisticated. I want to present her in the best way. She has long sexy legs and I need to use that in the staging. She is a self-confident and independent woman.”

Ambra told Text.mk

Ambra Succi has a long experience in working with Eurovision artists. In 2012 she choreographed Loreen’s winning stage performance and a year later she was responsible for Robin’s choreography. Last year in Stockholm she was working with Poli Genova from Bulgaria.

No details about the FYR Macedonian stage performance in Kyiv have been revealed yet, but Jana told to Večer, that it will be a very sensitive performance

Whether Jana’s prophecy will come true or not we have to wait and see until the 11th of May. In the meantime you can watch Jana Burčeska show off her bubbling personality in our Would You Rather video:

Source: vecer.mk, text.mk
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