Ira brings Walk On Water to Eurovison 2016 for Malta

Ira finally released her new song Walk On Water, representing Malta at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. As it was announced, Ira decided to throw Chameleon out, and go instead with this new track.

Malta therefore becomes one of the first to announce their artist, but almost the last to announce their song.

From the minute Ira Losco was chosen to sing for Malta on January 24th, fans have been delighted. Unfortunately the song Chameleon (Invincible) has been met with mixed reactions. Ira, and Malta PBS have obviously been paying attention, and have been meeting to discuss a replacement song.

Now Ira reveals that the new song will be called Walk On Water.  Ira wrote the song with Lisa Desmond, Tim Larrson and Molly Pettersson Hammar

You can listen it to it here.

Malta will perform in the second half of the first semi final.

Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest

Malta have competed in the Eurovision Song Contest, twenty eight times. In 1971 and 1972 Malta placed last and after Renato placed 12th in 1975 with Singing This Song, they were absent until 1991.

They made a spectacular comeback with Paul Giordimaina and Georgina with Could It Be which placed 6th and then Mary Spiteri did even better in 1992, placing 3rd with Little Child. For the first 12 years Malta placed in the top 10 and it seemed like  that it was only a matter of time before they win. Ira Losco lost out thanks to the final jury in 2002 with 7th Wonder , while Chiara had the same fate in 1998 with The One That I Love. She also placed 2nd in 2005 with Angel.

Malta’s fortunes has taken a downturn since then, with only one top ten place since then with Gianluca Bezzina and Tomorrow in 2013.

Last year Amber became the 5th Maltese entry to miss the Grand Final. Enjoy Malta’ recent entries below.

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