How to watch 3D

EuroVisionary are publishing videos from the Eurovision Song Contest in real Stereoscopic 3D. Not everyone is comfortable with this technology, but here are a few tips on how to improve your 3D experience. Due to HTML5 player YouTube does currently not 3D, unless you are using Firefox as your browser and have a NVideo graphic card in use. In our player on our 3D page we are forcing Flash and as such you can watch our 3D videos without the above configuration.

When browsing the internet you will come across many videos which have been turned into having some kind of 3D effect post production, but these will not come anyway close to true 3D recorded with an actual 3D camcorder with two lenses to record left and right eye. Such a camera is what we are using.

How to watch our 3D videos

  • 3D TV’s are getting more and more into the consumer market. Here you get the absolute best result as you won’t be needing the coloured glasses and your TV is optimized for this type of recording.
  • Computer screens optimized for 3D can give you the same good result as with the TV’s. These screens often come with a pair of non coloured glasses that work perfectly for this equipment.
  • If you do not have the specialized hardware you’ll need a pair of coloured 3D glasses. We recommend the most common ones; red & cyan. They come in various designs and prices, but are generally cheap and easy to find. Cinema glasses do not work on a standard computer screen.