Full versions of the Norwegian MGP finalists 2017 released

NRK have just released the full versions of the Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) 2017 songs, one of which will be the Norwegian entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

The ten songs will compete in the Norwegian final on March 11th. Norway have drawn the second half of the second semi final. This is where they were drawn last year, but failed to make the final. They will be hoping for better luck this year.

The 10 finalists for the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix 2017 final

1.Song no 1:  Wrecking Crew
Participant: Ammunition
Text and music : Erik Mårtensson and Åge Sten Nilsen

2.Song no 2:  Places
Participant: Ulrikke
Text and music :Tony Alexander Skjevik and Ulrikke Brandstorp

3.Song no 3:  Mesterverk
Participant: Amina Sewali
Text and music :Amina Sewali

4.Song no 4:  Grab The Moment
Participant: JOWST
Text and music : Jonas McDonnell and Joakim With Steen

5.Song no 5:  You And I
Participant: Kristian Valen
Text and music : Kristian Valen

6.Song no 6:  First Step In Faith/Oadjebasvuhtii
Participant: Elin & The Woods
Text and music : Elin Kåven and Robin Lynch

7.Song no 7:  I go where you go
Participant: Jenny Augusta
Text and music : Jenny Augusta Enge and Inga Þyri Þórðardóttir

8.Song no 8:  Mammy Boy
Participant: Ella
Text and music : Ida Maria and P.K. Ottestad

9.Song no 9:  Run Run Away
Participant:  Rune Rudberg Band
Text and music : Peter Danielson, Åsa ​Karlström and Mats Larsson

10.Song no 10: Nothing Ever Knocks Us Over
Participant:  In Fusion
Text and music : Gustav Eurén, Danne Attlerud, Niklas Arn, Karl Eurén and Cissi Kallin

You can hear all the songs on the official NRK site.

Norway At The Eurovision Song Contest

Norway have won the Eurovision Song Contest, three times. After many disappointments, the female duo, Bobbysox, claimed the gold in 1985 with the song Let it Swing. Nocturne by Secret Garden, brought a second victory ten years later. In 2009 Alexander Rybak gave the country a hat trick, with the run away winner Fairytale.

Due to illness, Agnete did no promotion last year for their entry, Icebreaker. Despite the lack of visibility, the song was considered good enough to reach the final. Alas it was not to be and Agnete did not perform in the finals. Re-live her semi final performance below.




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