More Slovak semi-finalists

Hot on the heels of Friday’s first quarter-final, four more acts were chosen on Sunday evening to proceed to the semi-final stage.

In a TV studio in STV’s headquarters in Bratislava, four more acts were selected by the Slovak populace to go forward to the semi-final stage.

Like the first quarter-final two nights earlier, a diverse range of styles were used, from ballad to rock to opera.  No formulaic Schlager for the Slovaks.

During the programme, green room host Martin Kontúr interviewed Kamil Milulcik and Nela Pocisková. 

Again, 100% text (SMS) voting was used to decide the four semi-finalists.  By the end, the voting percentages were as below.

1. Mista – Emotions – 16.05%

2. Pavol Remenár, Klára & Liquid Error – Figaro – 15.97%

3. Peter Bažík – Paradise Vs. Babylon – 15.09%

4. Get Explode – Blue Sun – 12.70%

5. Matka Guráž – Listobranie – 10.11%

6. Metalinda – Keď strácam dych – 9.85%

7. Matej Koreň – Kocka pána Rubika – 6.57%

8. Viki Matušovová – Uhol pohľadu – 5.81%

9. Dominika Mirgová – Cesta snov – 4.90%

10. Funny Fellows – Obrázok – 2.94% 

Thus the top four acts go through to the semi-final stage, on 14 and 21 February.


STV’s video archive of Eurosong programmes

Source: Slovenská Televízia
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