Montenegro premiers its Eurovision Song Contest entry for 2012

Montenegro has rejoined the Eurovision family, and tonight revealed in full the song carrying their hopes for Eurovision glory.  A special hour-long programme was aired so we could get to know Rambo Amadeus and his song Euro Neuro.

Montenegro finally showed what they hoped would carry them to glory in Baku in May in a special programme on RTCG’s Channel 1.  An internal selection had chosen Rambo Amadeus to represent his country, with the song called Euro Neuro.  A snippet of the song had already been leaked online, but this was the first time we heard it in full.

During the programme, we saw a brief clip of a concert he’d recently had.  The highlight was a riff from the song Another brick in the wall by Pink Floyd.

We saw a live interview with Rambo himself, in which he told us what he was expecting from Eurovision and Baku, interspersed with some words of encouragement from various Montenegrin entertainers.

Finally, the music video as revealed.  The song is mainly rapped by Rambo, and has an eastern beat to it.  It was sung in a mixture of English and Montenegrin.

A panel were asked for their views immediately after the video was played.  It was generally positive, and seen as a statement about the current economic situation in Europe

The video can be seen below.

Montenegro will perform in the first half of the first semi-final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday 22 May.


Rambo’s website

Source: Eurovisionary, RTCG

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