Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noël, Prettige kerstdagen, Frohe Weihnachten, ¡Feliz Navidad, С Рождеством, Glæadelig Jul

Some celebrates Christmas today like I do, others celebrates it tomorrow and some waits until January. And then there are those who don’t celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. EuroVisionary would however like to wish all of our readers and their families a merry Chrismas.

Christmas is here – one wonder how it is already this time of year again, but I guess it is the same every year; one day take the other, one month the next and before we know it we receive a Christmas card from someone we haven’t seen or heard from in ages. First we are happy that they remembered us, and then we are confused – December already, we ask ourselves? We have seen the Christmas decorations in the shops, but don’t they always start way too early? Everyone else is in a rush, but we believe we have plenty of time until that card suddenly reminds us that we are the ones running late.

Did we send a Christmas card to everyone who sent to us? Did we buy the usual presents before the shops are closed and it is too late? Will we once again gain a few extra pounds, which we need to lose in January? Do we even have time to see family and friends who are expecting to catch up?
For many people Christmas always comes as a total surprise, but somehow we always manage to do the things we are supposed to do. We go through the same traditions year after year without asking why. In December the automatic pilot is on for most of the time and we really don’t take full control before the calendar reveals that a new year has started.
We go back to work and our daily life, as it was until that first Christmas card arrived, continues. Acquaintances ask if we had a nice Christmas. Yes, thank you, we reply without mentioning how stressful it was and that we are actually glad it is over. We, however, promise ourselves that next year will be different. Next year we will start early, next year we will do what we want to do when we want to do and not just what is expected from us. Next year we will have total control over the situation and not let Christmas surprise us! Do we manage? Most likely the new year is only a few weeks old when we forget and before we know it another Christmas card reminds us that history repeats itself…

How many of us take the time to stop up and ask ourselves what Christmas really is about? In the back of our heads most of us recall something about the birth of Jesus, but what has that to do with Christmas presents, Christmas tree, Christmas carols and Christmas cards? All these words have “Christmas” in it, so that must be what Christmas is about, or is it? And if Christmas is something religious then where does Santa Claus fits in? We are confused and can’t be bothered to think more about it. Let’s just stick with the usual traditions, they are old and the people who invented them must have known, we reassure ourselves.
One day our children may question these things. They are not very old when they figure out that Christmas involves presents under a tree, but why did we write all these cards a week before? Why do we have to go and see grandmother the day after? Why do we have to bring her a box of chocolate when Christmas was yesterday? But Christmas is about being nice to each other, the presents and the cards are to show that we care, we explain. But do we only care a few weeks in December, the child asks? We know we have been caught and don’t have an answer ready. The child is right – why don’t we show that we care all year round? Why do we need Christmas, whether it is religious or not, to remind us who is important in our lives?
Once again we make ourselves a promise – we promise that in the future we will remember to show people that we care, that they are important to us and that we wouldn’t be without them in our lives, not just in December, but also all the eleven other months…

EuroVisionary would like to wish all of our readers and their families a nice and relaxing Christmas – no matter what Christmas means to you!

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