Melodifestivalen 2009: Meeting with the artists in Gothenburg

During the first day of rehearsals SVT held a press conference where all the contestants of semi-final 1 participated. EuroVisionary met the artists and asked them one simple questions that turned out not to be so simple. In our gallery you can also see pictures from first rehearsal.

First of all this was a opportunity to take pictures of the artists. First solo pictures and then pictures of all participating artists as a group. Afterwards we were able to speak to three of the artists. EuroVisionary asked all of them the same question: What question would you liked to be asked and what would your answer be?

Shirley Clamp thinks this is a really exciting question but has to think for a while before she answers it. Then she tells us that before she went to Gothenburg she asked herself: Why do I get myself into this? It’s so much excitement and nervosity associated with this so sometimes she wonders why she does it. The answer is that she always thinks it’s so much fun to participate and thinks that she is among friends when she’s here. It’s a lot of fun and she is always looking forward to it.

Marie Serneholt thinks this is a really hard question to answer and wants to think about it for a while before she answers. But then she reveals to us that there is a question many people ask her: Do I ever regret that I joined A-teens? The answer is: Absolutely not! She explains that to be a part of A-teens was a dream come true for her. Many people think that you loose some of your youth doing things like that, but for Marie that wasn’t a problem.

Nina agrees to this being a hard question and thinks for a while before she says: Will the Swedish viewers vote for me? The answer is: YES!

Please visit our photo gallery for pictures from today’s rehearsals and press-conference.

Source: EuroVisionary

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