Melodi Grand Prix 2012: First Norwegian heat – Get to know the participants

On saturday 8 acts stands ready to fight for tickets to the Norwegian final. This first heat will be hosted from Ørland, which is the third time they are hosting a preliminary heat for Melodi Grand Prix. A 1984 Eurovision Song Contest participant will try to make it to the international contest again.

Here you can get to know more about the 8 participants from the first heat in the Norwegian 2012 Melodi Grand Prix:

Song nr. 1: Irresistible Feat. Carl Pritt – Elevator (Lift)

The girlband Irresistible consist of the 4 girls Saime Irén Mian, Lise Viktoria Hagen, Ingri Rønning and Hanne Rindal. They got their breakthrough in the Norwegian edition of X-factor. They are hoping to get an international breakthrough and the collaboration with German rapper Carl Pritt can help them, they hope. The four girls says that they are more than just a band – they are also eachother’s best friends.

The song is written by Anne Judith Wik, Nermin Harambasic, Ronny Svendsen and Robin Jenssen.  

Song nr. 2: Kim André RysstadSå vidunderleg (So wonderful)

Folkmusician Kim André Rysstad is next on stage. He admits that his song is far from the traditional Melodi Grand Prix song, but he believes that it will be his strenth that it is different. He has previously released two folk albums and recieved awards for his music, but he is hoping to use the contest to get his music out a bit more broad. Despite the different music genre he says that he has learned mostly from his big idol Whitney Houston, who he also describes as his dream duet partner.

The song is written by Elin Nygård.

Song nr. 3: Reidun SætherHigh On Love

Reidun is a Norwegian musical artist, who took her education at a theathre in Gothenburg, Sweden, but since returned back to Norway where she has been in musicals like We Will Rock You, Cats and Les Miserables. She has been wanting to take part in Melodi Grand Prix for several years, but the timing has not been right for her before now. She praises her song for its dynamic challenges.  

The song is written by Thomas G:son, Tommy Berre og Ovi. 

Song nr. 4: Rudi MyntevikYou Break It, You Own It

Song number 4 will be performed by Christian singer Rudi Myntevik, who got his breakthrough in 2003. He has released three albums in Norwegian and one in English. The latter took place as he moved to London three years ago to see the world from a new ancle. It is in that respect he is now particpating at the national final in Norway. 

The song is written by Rune Berg og Asbjørn Ribe. 

Song nr. 5: Lisa StokkeWith Love

Lisa is an actress and musical singer, who grew up being a Melodi Grand Prix fan. She has played in Mamma Mia and Guys and Dolls on West End in London. In Norway she has been in a few films and Tv series, but her heart is for this competition where she doesn’t hide that she is in it to win – and then she dreams of singing the 1979 Israli Eurovision Song Contest winner Hallelujah in a church – and after that she wants to perform on Broadway and make career in Hollywood.

The song is written by Lisa Stokke, Johanna Demker, Anita Lixel og Tommy Berre. 

Song nr. 6: UnitedLittle Bobbi

United consist of Benedicte Adrian, Sirius (Kristian Rønning) and Haji Saleem. First mentioned being the most experienced as she represented Norway at the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Lenge Leve Livet, has released a total of 13 albums, been a TV host and also judge in Idol in Norway. Sirius is a rapper who won the talent show "Norske Talenter" in 2010. The same year he released his debut album. Haji is relative unexperienced, but he did release a single titled Bartender last year.

The song is written by John Lundvik, Philip Halloun og Thomas Felberg. 

Song nr. 7: Nora Foss Al-JabriSomewhere Beautiful

Nora has been performing in the Oprah Winfrey special show "World’s Most Talented Kids" where she sang Over The Rainbow. That song was also included on her debut album that came in April 2011. She is planning to move to Oslo soon and later she would like to live abroad – and she see her participation in Melodi Grand Prix as a chance to reach out first to Norway and later to people outside her own country.

The song is written by Christian Ingebrigtsen og Eivind Rølles. 

Song nr. 8: The CarburetorsDon’t Touch The Flame

The CarburetorsTo end this first heat we find the rockband The Carburetors, who have released two albums under titles like Pain Is Temprary, Glory Is Forever and Loud Enough To Raise The Dead. They are a hardrock band, but their common love is first of all American cars from the ’60’s and ’70’s. They are promising to break NRK’s budget for pyrotethnics – and contribute themselves as well – and they find it unthinkable that they might not qualify for the Norwegian final.

The song is written by Stian Krogh og Christopher Lindahl. 

Source: NRK, EuroVisionary

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