Jedward trash the UK Celebrity Big Brother house and John became member of succesful boyband

After having been forgiven for many crazy things in the UK Celebrity Big Brother Jedward scares their housemates when they as punk rockers starts to destroy the house. Did the Irish twins finally go too far? Later they are separated again as John become a boyband member and Edward a member of a girlband!

First to leave the house was Sally Bercow followed by Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff. At the third eviction four housemates were in danger of leaving the house just before they go into the third and last week in the Big Brother house. It comes as a surprise to most when actor Tara Reid is asked to leave due to too few votes. The rest don’t really understand how she could have lost to model Robert "Bobby" Sabel as they think he is nothing but a pretty face and has no personality. But after two weeks facts are that three women in a row have left the house and Jedward has not even been nominated.   

Jedward as punk rockers

Twin brothers Jedward, that represented Ireland in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, have pulled a lot of stunts in the UK Celebrity Big Brother house. So far they have gotten away with it all, but the other day they did scare several of their housemates when they simply crashed the house. The furnitures from the garden was thrown into the swimming-pool, while Lucien and Bobby are standing totally in chock. Jedward leaves the garden with the words: "We are the punk rockers. We can’t help our bad behaviour. Yeah, we’ll rock you out of it".

As if they hadden done enough the punk rockers head towards the bedroom where they destroy several of the beds and throw around with madrases. Later Lucien and Darryn talks about what happend in there: "John and Edward, thats what happend. Dressing up like punk rockers they think they can trash the place", Lucien points out.  

Shortly after they open a can of tomato sauce and throw it at Bobby. He reacts rather calm, but Kerry nearly falls do it being on the floor and clearly tells them to clean it up as it is too dangerous. They keep saying "It’s Bobby’s fault, it’s Bobby’s fault". As Paddy and Darryn agrees with her they listen and start cleaning it up – very slowly!

Later Amy confess in the diary room that she has had enough of them: "They are so immature. I have never met a child so immature. It’s like there is 4 year olds in the house. They got no respect", she says while pointing out that they really pissed her off when they earlier the same day took her eyeliner to make tattoo drawings on their arms. She makes it clear that they didn’t ask for her permission, which she is quite annoyed about. 

Can Jedward and the others live on candy and bananas for a week:


1For the first time the chance to get outside and into the real world for a short while opened up when they were given a competition. The winner would win a trip to a supermarket where they should do the shopping for the coming week. After first round four is left: John, Edward, Kerry and Bobby. They are then put into teams who needs to knock over piles of shopping items by pushing a shopping cart with one from the team in it. Jedward, who of course were on the same team, wins and the rest of the house is in chock. Darryn puts their feelings right when he says: "Oh my God, we are doomed". Jedward is exited about the shopping: "Yeah, its going to be all sweets".

They are taken to the supermarket in the night where it is closed for everyone else and is given two and a half minute each to put as much as they can in their shopping cart. They end up with loads of bananas, candy and ice cream and are satisfied with the shopping, however their housemates are less satisfied when they see all the candy spread out on the floor and Jedward trying to swim in it!

Kerry is worried about the fact that they didn’t get any toiletpaper while Darryn strictly instructs the twin boys not to waste any more bread on building castles out of the little bread they have, a thing they have done before in the house.

While their housemates might be worried about the coming week Jedward is fine with the food, which they demonstrates with eating ice creams for breakfast.

John become member of successful boyband member:

Jedward was split up for the task "Battle of the bands". John became a member of the boyband Take This together with Darryn, Paddy and Bobby, while his twin brother Edward joined the girlband Kela together with Kerry, Lucien and Amy. For this occasion he is called Edwina, but insist on being Britney – after Britney Spears. He has been equipped with a well filled bra and a long hair wig and is very satisfied with his boobs being larger than Amy Childs.

The boyband, with Darryn, as the leadsinger perform and record a video of Take That’s Relight My Fire. For the girlband the song is Never Ever, originally by All Saints.

John is not pleased with the other boyband members and declares: "I think I’m gonna do what  Robby Williams did and just go solo. And become huge all across the world by myself. But don’t tell the rest of the Take This members, they don’t know yet." John was in charge of the choreography and in the Diary Room he explains that he needed to keep it simple to make sure the others could keep up.

Edward says about the girlband: "The girl group didn’t really have a choreograph, it was much about hot and being spontaneous." – later he compares himself to Britney and says that his inner Shakira came out.

The videos was put up on Channel 5’s website where the viewers could vote on which band they liked the best. The boyband with John wins an evening as pop stars, while the losers with Edward have to sleep outside acting out as groupies, separated from the band with barriers.

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In the live show Thursday evening we will know who win UK Celebrity Big Brother 2011. It is the TV viewers who vote and as Jedward has never been up for evection, we don’t know if they are well liked in the many British homes. We’ll see on Thursday. EuroVisionary will of course follow it to the end for those who can’t watch Channel 5.  

Source: EuroVisionary

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