Jedward punished – became babies in the UK Celebrity Big Brother house

They used to be "the clean team" of the house, but has now fallen off so much that they were punished by Big Brother. Unfortunately the hyper active twins didn’t quite see it as punishment when they officially became the babies of the house, but no matter how crazy they act the housemates don’t put them up for eviction. 

No matter how much Jedward annoys their housemates they appear to be well liked. But fact is that they have been pushing the limits several times like when they were building a toast house in seven stories. Kerry flipped out as it was a waste of food. Or when making a catapult and shooting at Bobby’s crotch. Or when Darry got annoyed at them for washing themselves in the pool. 

Jedward the worst cooks in the house:

Cook Marco Pierre White gave the housemates a challenge two and two. They should prepare a fish meal, which he had just shown them how to do. Afterwards he awarded one pair the best cooks and one pair the worst. Jedward was first to finish, but Marco was not impressed when he said: "The Jedward boys were very competitive, but what they gave me was not very good". The Irish twin boys ended up being declared "the worst cooks in the UK Celebrity Big Brother house 2011". Their task for losing was to clean up the kitchen, something that shouldn’t be so difficult for John and Edward that has previously proven to have excellent cleaning skills and they are not concerned either: "We might be the worst cooks, but we are the best cleaners". Unfortunately those skills somehow got lost as they didn’t exactly impress when cleaning the kitchen: First they decide to have a food fight and when all the food are on the floor they throw themselves into it. According to themselves it was however a part of the plan; "This place is so messy, NOW we have something to clean up". 

Big Brother’s punishment: Babies are treated as babies:

Jedward manage to clean one half of the kitchen by throwing most from there on the other half. They consider it done and leaves the room, but Big Brother is not satisfied: "When you act like babies you will treated like babies". They are stripped to only wearing diapers, security blankets and baby caps – and equipped with big baby bottles. They crawl out asking Kerry if she will be their mummy, but it is Amy who ends up telling them a bedtime story about two beautiful babies called John and Edward.

When the punishment is over the Jedward babies return to the diary room where they are being asked if they learned anything. Their reply was that it was fun and amazing and that they didn’t learn anything. They add: "It’s so cool that everyone in the UK and around the world now know what we look like in nappies".

Who has left the house:

First one to leave the UK Celebrity Big Brother house was Sally Bercow, media personality and married to the speaker of the House of Commons. She was up against Kerry Katona, former Atomic Kitten member and model Robert (Bobby) Sabel. Then they were surprised by a mid week election where actor Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff and paparazzo Darry Lyons are in the danger zone. Pamela gets voted out. Once she has left the house she is given the job to give immunity to half of the remaining housemates while the rest is in risk of leaving next time. She is not in doubt: "With thousand percent, will be John and Edward". Aside from Jedward she saves Paddy, Amy and Kerry.

At no time has anyone put Jedward up for elimination. When they are nominating their name simply doesn’t appear in the housemates dictonary. John and Edward themselves have nominated Lucien "because he’s a womanizer. He’s womanizing Amy, Tara – and their our girls" and Darryn "because he’s always snoring. 2nd reason: he’s always telling us what to do. And our hair is cooler". 

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