Eurovision 2013 day 7: United Kingdom’s first rehearsal

Bonnie Tyler took to the stage for the United Kingdom’s first set of rehearsals for Believe In Me.  Her first performance was waited for with much anticipation.

It is not known yet what Bonnie will wear on the night of the final but today she was casually dressed in red jeans, black top and long black cardigan.

Bonnie is joined by a five piece band. They consisted of three guitarists (one girl and two guys), a female keyboard player and a male drummer.

As the song progresses Bonnie walks to the very front of the stage and here we are treated to a surprise as the circular platform rises with the cameras looking upwards.

Bonnie’s rich and husky vocals come over very effectively as she effortlessly commands the stage.

The lighting is soft with the colours of red in the background and white and swirling beaming lights downwards.  The lighting complements the soft country tinged ballad track.

Her vast experience of hits going back to 1976 and many years of touring appear to make Bonnie very relaxed and confident on the stage. 

Source: EuroVisionary

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