Eurovision 2013 day 7 – Spain’s first rehearsal

Today is the day when we will see the automatic qualifiers first rehearsal. First out we have the band EDSM representing Spain with a pop-song with celtic touches called Contigo hasta el final.

At the presentation of the song we have an overhead view of the stage where we can see plenty of yellow and red lanterns in the roof. When the music starts the camera is zooming in on a bagpipe player at the front of the stage. We then get a view of the lead singer Raquel del Rosario – the picture is first blurry but slowly becomes clearer until we have a sharp view of Raquel (in the last run there is no blurry picture but instead Raquel emerges as a dark silhouette until she becomes fully visible in light). Raquel is wearing a dress in chicken yellow color. The stage is bathing in a blue color. Raquel is accompanied on stage by the two band members Juan Suarez and David Feito playing the guitars. There is also a drummer on the stage. Raquel walks between the both band members as she sings and the backround shiftes into yellow and blue color.

As the song progresses Raquel walks out on the catwalk. There she is surrounded by a lot of small blue lanterns. She touches one of the lanterns which makes it turn into a yellow color and it then starts going up slowly to the roof with the other lanterns following it, all shifting into a yellow color – a really nice effect! Raquel is then back on stage together with the band members to finish the song.

The rehearsals run without errors. Raquel has a soft voice and the song is a plesant pop song with a celtic vibe. It’s however highly doubtful that it will set the scoreboard on fire on Saturday night and people mention it as a last place candidate.

Source: EuroVisionary
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