Eurovision 2013 day 6: Iceland’s second rehearsal

Eyþór Ingi gave an immaculate performance with his first rehearsal, ticking off a lot of boxes for many fans with his celtic twinged ballad Ég á Líf. Would he make as strong an impact during the second rehearsals both vocally and visually? We seemed to think so.

Eyþór Ingi stood alone centre stage, perfectly coiffured in his black suit and tie with the same backdrop as in his first rehearsal. He lost the black jacket in favour of the white one used in the national final. The maritime theme with pictures of a fjord with small cabins on either side and a lighthouse. His backing singers were kept to the back of the stage in the shadows, their figures silhouetted against the backdrop.

The simplicity of the piano led ballad is matched by the equally simple staging; no distracting choreography apart from simple hand movements, which at times seem a little over the top and ever so slightly pompous. The rousing, anthemic feel to the song was heightened by yet another flawless vocal performance. The small experiments he did regarding the final long note before he launches into a key change and the final chorus worked brilliantly.

Classy, elegant, polished; Eyþór Ingi’s performance embodies all of these things. The simple structure of the melody will hopefully work to it’s advantage and sandwiched between Bulgaria and Greece should help it make much more of an impact on the night.


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