Baltic states wiped out of the Eurovision final 2017

The results were not good for the Baltic states at this year’s Eurovision finals. All three of them were eliminated in their respective semi finals.

Is this the first time the Eurovision Song Contest final has been Baltic free?


The first to fail to qualify was Latvia on May 9. Triana Park, won the Latvian Supernova on February 26, against three other acts, The Ludwig, My Radiant You and Santa Daņeļeviča. Allocated the final slot in the first semi final, it looked as if the odds were with them. They were the only modern group singing an original techno song, The Line. However when the results were announced, Latvia was not called.


On May 11, fans were shocked when Estonia failed to make the final. On March 4, ex-Eurovision participants, Koit Toome and Laura, competed against 10 others, to reach the Eesti Laul, final sing off against Kerli and  Rasmus Ranvee. While Kerli and Spirit Animal, led the way before the final sing off, the public chose instead, to send Koit and Laura, with Verona. They were one of the favourites to qualify, and yet they were not called during the semi final results.


On the other hand, the Lithuanian entry was widely derided from the minute it was chosen. Competing against 48 other songs, in a ten week final, Fusedmarc was the shock choice of the Lithuanian voters. While the song, Rain Of Revolution, became a grower for some, the song was generally considered to be the worst in the contest. No one was surprised when it failed to reach the finals.

This will be the first time since 2014,that no Baltic country will be in the final. In that year Cake To Bake by Aarzemnieki, failed to qualify for Latvia, Tanja missed the final for Estonia with Amazing, and Lithuania lost out with Vilija and Attention.

Were the jury and public correct in dismissing the Baltic entries this year?

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