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The UK has decided: Michael Rice for Eurovision 2019!

Eurovision: You Decide saw six hopeful artists delivering their version of one of three competing songs. In the end, it was Michael Rice with his version of Bigger Than Us who got the ticket for Tel Aviv. Could the revamped format of its selection give a better result for the UK this year? Read more

Cyprus 2018 – talent show to select performer for Lisbon

More details surfaced today as to how Cyprus is going to put together its representation for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. It had already been alluded to that the song would be internally selected, but how about the performer? And what will a certain Mr. Christer Björkman have to do with the project? Read more

Sergey Lazarev releases new single Lucky Stranger

Sergey Lazarev, who represented Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest last year, has just released a new single. The artist himself introduced the track to his fans with a post on his Instagram account. See what you think of the just released video for the song. Read more

Azerbaijan 2017: Dihaj with song entry Skeletons for Kyiv

It was officially announced this morning that Azerbaijan will be represented in Eurovision 2017 with the song Skeletons by Dihaj. The official video for the entry was also released. It is written by celebrated duo Isa Melikov and Sandra Bjurman, whose previous successes include the Eurovision 2011 winner.  Read more