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Eurovision voting model is suggested for Baloon D’or

After the finalists are revealed by FIFA’s Baloon D’or this year, the speculations from Germany and Spain came over. It is speculated that the winner name might be already choosen by the major names; even worse, the vote rigging might have happened. The souliton is simple: Bring the Eurovision voting model. In recent years in… Read more

Azeri final of Böyük Səhnə 2014: Get to know the participants

And so we come to the end of another lengthy Azeri selection process with a brand new semi final. Böyük Səhnə which has replaced Milli Seçim Turu, is holding its final show this weekend. Three participants will be battling it out to go on to make their dreams come true in Copehnagen this year. The final of Böyük Səhnə will be aired… Read more

Azeri Böyük Səhnə: The final line up completed

This evening the third show in the Azeri selection Böyük Səhnə was broadcast by İçtimai. Six participants battled for qualification to the final next weekend. The final three performers are: Dilara Kazımova, Erkin Osmanli and Khana Hasanova. The second semi-final in Azerbaijan’s national selection was held this evening in Bakü with Hüsniye Maharramova and Tural… Read more

The EBU vs. TRT chapter 1 – what exactly is going on?

The EBU wants TRT back into the Eurovision fold, but TRT is reluctant to return – or are they? No one really knows. The reason cited for not participating was due to the results from unfair jury voting, but it would seem the offical explanation given is merely the tip of the iceberg. It was… Read more

Azeri selections Böyük Səhnə kicked off – 14 participants presented

This year Azerbaijan is deciding its entrant via another lengthy talent show called Böyük Səhnə. The episodes from auditions were premiered last week and last week we were able to meet with the fourteen finalists. Last year the show Böyük Səhnə was broadcast by another Azeri broadcaster, ATV. More than half of the Milli Seçim Turu participants also participated… Read more

İçtimai replaces Milli Seçim Turu with Böyük Sehne

Azeri public broadcaster, İçtimai TV, has revised its strategy for selecting its representative at the Eurovision Song Contest. The last five years’ selection method is being replaced with another long term competition, Böyük Sehne which is  an idol style contest. The idol contest, Böyük Sehne (Big Stage) is nothing new in Azeri broadcasting history as… Read more

TRT: EBU Apologises But No Participation in 2014

Today, the broadcaster TRT, who has decided not to come back to the Eurovision Song Contest, released a statement regarding the next contest. Though EBU’s head Jean-Paul Philippot has apologised about what TRT believes to be previous unfair decisions, TRT is not stepping back from their opinion about 2014 participation. The Turkish broadcaster decided to… Read more

The Netherlands go for internal selection for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest

Anouk was internally selected and The Dutch broadcaster, TROS, have decided to continue along that line for the next Eurovision Song Contest by making another internal selection. The participating artist will be announced in a special show on November 25th. One of the most participating countries at the Eurovision Song Contest, the Netherlands, will be… Read more

Change of dates in Latvian Eirodziesma 2014

Latvian broadcaster LTV announced that the dates of the musical event Eirodziesma, which selects their representative for the Eurovision Song Contest, has been changed in order to fit into a busy schedule with currency change and Winter Olympics. Latvian national broadcaster LTV is one of representative member in Eurovision Song Contest who earlier geared up… Read more

Dates announced for Finnish Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu

The Finnish national broadcaster YLE has announced that 420 songs have been submitted for participation in the 2014 selection of Uuden Musiikun Kilpailu. The broadcaster also revealed the dates of the selection as well as more information about the process leading to the Finish Eurovision representative. Having 420 songs applied to particpate in YLE’s national… Read more

TRT and EBU to hold a critical meeting regarding Eurovision, in İstanbul

The Turkish participation in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest is still hanging on a threat. Head managers of TRT and EBU’s Broadcasting Comitee will hold a meeting in İstanbul discussing the new rules. After that meeting the Turkish broadcaster is expected to make its final decision. A few days ago, the European Broadcasting Union went for… Read more

TRT: Turkey most likely not coming back in 2014

One of the big guns in the Eurovision Song Contest, Turkey, upset many fans by withdrawing from last year’s contest. TRT’s head manager announced their come back is not likely to happen next year, although it is still a considerable dilemma. Turkey became one of the most successful countries immediately after the televoting system was… Read more

Sertab Erener celebrates 20th year in music with a special album release

The only victorious Eurovision participant from Turkey, Sertab Erener has been preparing to celebrate her 20th anniversary in music with a special album release titled Sade. It contains eleven songs with three bonus remixes and will be released on April, 12th in digital stores. The first video-clip from the album has already been released. Veteran singer… Read more