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Milan Stanković wins the 2010 Barbara Dex award

Milan Stanković may have finished a disappointing 13th in Oslo but he hasn’t come away empty-handed from Norway. The good folks at the House of Eurovision website ran a competition to find the worst dressed 2010 contestant. Milan claimed the victory ahead of competition from Albania, Moldova, Russia and Switzerland. He takes over the crown… Read more

Georgia doesn’t quite shine in Oslo

Georgia had their second round of rehearsals this afternoon and while the phrase ‘throwing the kitchen sink at it’ has been used  for several other countries already it’s probably best used for the Georgians. They are over-complicating a song that should stand on its own with a simple presentation. The main colours here are red… Read more

Didrik pleases the home crowd in Oslo

Norway got their chance to rehearse for the final. The arena was full of Norwegian visitors and they weren’t the only ones wowed by a solid performance from Didrik. They have the black drapes used by Latvia and Belarus and are lit to look golden. There are three female backing singers dressed in purple and… Read more

Niamh lets her light shine bright in Oslo

Niamh Kavanagh was on stage in the Telenor Arena this afternoon to rehearse It’s for you. The rehearsal was well-attended and Niamh certainly didn’t let anyone down. Before I say anything else I’ll remind everyone that I’m Irish and this may be a little biased. Niamh only pushed herself vocally for the first two run-throughs… Read more

Tom Dice commands the stage in Oslo

It’s proving very difficult for most countries to make the stage look different for their performances this year but Belgium has managed just that. Tom’s song shines in the Telenor arena with a very simple, but effective, set design. Tom stands alone on the catwalk on a very dark stage. He has his guitar, of… Read more

Gerry Ryan will be missed by Ireland as a whole

There were a lot of things that people didn’t predict were going to happen before the curtain went up on the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest. Few thought Ireland would claim its third victory with the two rock’n’roll kids and nearly bankrupt RTÉ. And even fewer thought that Riverdance would become one of the biggest shows in… Read more