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UK Eurovision chart positions over the years

Today marks 21 years since a UK Eurovision entry topped the UK singles charts. With many of this year’s entries consistently charting well within their own countries, we take a look at how the UK’s entries have fared in their own singles chart. Read more

Naked Butt Guy received his sentence

Vitaly Sedyuk also known as Eurovision’s Naked Butt Guy is proud of his butt flashing stunt during this year’s Eurovision Grand Final. He was arrested, faced five years in prison, but he ended up being the one who could laugh.  Read more

Interval act Onuka smashes European charts

It isn’t just the participants who have had the enjoyment of charting around Europe.  Ukrainian Eletro-folk band Onuka has also enjoyed similar success. The band fronted by lead singer Nata Zyzhchenko has also racked up nearly 300,000 views on the official recording of their interval act on youtube. Read more

Hungry? Cheap eats in Kyiv!

Do you want to know where to eat cheaply in Kyiv? Then this guide is for you. Here are the best places to eat in Kyiv on a budget. We have also included public transport links to make visiting these restaurants even easier. Read more

The ultimate Kyiv transport guide

Need to know how to get to downtown Kyiv from the airport? Or which options are best to get from your hotel to the arena? Look no further. We have compiled all of the information you need about transportation in the 2017 Eurovision host city. Read more

How much does Ukraine celebrate diversity?

Celebrating Diversity is the slogan for this years Eurovision Song Contest. But how much does Ukraine celebrate diversity? Is this a good choice for a country who still struggles with these issues or is it a promising sign that they are making steps in the right direction? Eurovisionary takes a look.  Read more

Jedward 2nd place in Celebrity Big Brother UK

Jedward have come second place in the final of Celebrity Big Brother UK. In comparison, when they entered the house in the 8th series of the show the boys came in third place. The result came as a shock to manner as the pair were the hot favourites to win the show in the last… Read more

Get to know the participants in Ukraine’s first semi-final

The first semi-final in Ukraine is growing nearer. There is quite a mixed bag this year, from power ballads, to rock, reggae and electric swing.  We introduce you here to the participants in the first heat making sure you know the acts in the running to represent the home country at the Eurovision Song Contest. Read more

Can Jedward win Celebrity Big Brother UK?

Jedward have won a place in the final of Celebrity Big Brother UK. Despite coming into the show a little late, they certainly made an impact. They have stiff competition from Scottish actor James Cosmo. But do you think Jedward have what it takes to win? Read more