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Ukraine 2018: Melovin releases Under The Ladder video

Temptations and reviving from the ashes were the thoughts behind the new video for Melovin’s Under The Ladder. The arty video sees Melovin burn in the fire, to be revived as a new person. Does the new video give us a glimpse into what Melovin’s performance might look like in the semi final? Read more

Saara Aalto releases new album Wild Wild Wonderland

Saara Aalto fans are rejoicing as today she releases her long awaited international album “Wild Wild Wonderland” which features her Eurovision entry Monsters along with her two other UMK competing songs. The album is released just two days after her show “Eurovision Wonderland Live” took place in London. Read more

SunStroke Project return with new track I Want You

After coming a respectable 3rd place in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, SunStroke Project are back with a brand new single which is perfect for summer. The new track sees the trio collaborate with fellow Moldovian singer Broono. Will this collaboration be another successful summer anthem? Read more

Ukraine 2018: Mélovin will go to Lisbon

Ukraine have chosen to send Mélovin to Lisbon. There was plenty of drama in tonight’s final including accusations of lip synching. Does Ukraine have what it takes to have a third victory when the contest arrives in Portugal in a few months time? Read more

Yurcash hope to represent Ukraine in Lisbon

Ukraine’s national selection is becoming as diverse as ever as punk rock band Yurcash have announced their participation in the contest. They join last year’s hopeful TAYANNA in their dream of representing their home country in the competition. Read more

Onuka and NAONI Orchestra release live album

They won hearts at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with their interval performance, and now Onuka and the NAONI Orchestra have collaborated on a live album together. The album includes full versions of the songs that were mashed together for Eurovision. Read more

Tina Karol sets sights on UK market

She became a superstar in her home country after her Eurovision performance, but Tina Karol now has set her sights even higher as she aims to conqour the English language charts and makes her first UK release. Read more