Anne Marie David in heated debate with fans discussing if Cyprus is one or two countries

1973 Eurovision Song Contest winner for Luxembourg, Anne Marie David is currently in a heated debate with many of her fans. It all started as she recently received a special award for her career in Kyrenia, Cyprus. The singer is now more than busy deleting angry comments and defending herself.

Since the 1970s, Anne Marie David has had a long career in the music industry. It Includes taking part in the French production of Jesus Christ Superstar, winning the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest for Luxembourg, and representing her home country France at the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest, finishing 3rd.

It’s no surprise with such a long career that she’d be recognized for her work as it touches many people around the world.

Two days ago, the singer was in Kyrenia, Cyprus to receive a special award for her career. However, when she shared some of the details about it on her Facebook account, some users were very quick to correct her on some facts.

It all started with the post, which translates to:

A hello from KYRENIA, a city in the Turkish part of Cyprus. This dress is an original creation by Turkish designer ENGIN TERZI. He made it in 24 hours! For the ceremonies I am currently attending… It’s a bit different from what I normally wear… kisses

Anne Marie was very quick to be told by Greek and Cypriot fans that there is no such thing as a Turkish Cyprus. One fan wrote: ‘[…] I am really sorry to see your post referring to the Northern Part of Cyprus (which is invaded by the Turks since 1974) as the “Turkish Part” of Cyprus. It’s so offensive and also shows that you are ignorant about the real situation in Cyprus. There is no Turkish Cyprus. […]’

Looking at the Greek-Cypriot perspective her calling the occupied part for a country is upsetting, and as she continued and didn’t just acknowledge that she made a mistake, only made things worse.

Unfortunately it seemed some people were a bit more offended than others and some rude comments were left on her account, which were then removed. Yesterday, she then published another statement, which translates to:

UPDATE. This is MY page. I put up what I want and published what is MY way of life – to believe and to hope. I don’t receive any lessons from ANYONE and won’t allow ANYONE to give me any!!! I’ve never been a sell out. Those who know me know that. I have always been present for those who needed me. So why ask me to solve a political problem? I sing that’s it. And when the people of a country like me I do not ask their political opinion, their skin colour or religion … It’s not my job. And since 1970 I have had a career without worrying about anything else than to do my job. So yes, I am proud of the trophies that I received because they represent years of work … Sorry if this offends you. FOR THE RECORD: I participated as a jury member at a festival in Cyprus a few years ago with a French artist and Turks did not speak to me the way you talked to me … When I was in Turkey my orchestra conductor was Armenian – some of the musicians Turkish or Jewish – one of my back up singers, English — and we created a magnificent album in joy and sharing. What are you talking about? Who do you think I am? Politics, I am content to do in France by voting because that is MY country … Elsewhere I shut up and do my job. If your “LOVE” for me is up to nothing but a conflict in which I can do absolutely nothing … I am sad for you. Leave my page since you forced me to delete your insulting comments, but at the same time I had to delete the image from your flag … and for that I won’t forgive you. I have the greatest respect for the symbolic of flags. When we touch the French flag, it strikes me and makes me ill. I never imagined having to take an action that I’ll always condemn.

Looking at the situation from a Greek-Cypriot perspective, her calling the occupied part for a country is upsetting, and as she continued and didn’t just acknowledge that she made a mistake, only made things worse. Posting a picture of the award with what isn’t a recognised flag by the UN, the upset fans saw no sign of her wanting to settle things.

Why are people so offended?

Cyprus was originally populated mainly by Greeks but around 1570, the Ottoman empire which later became Turkey conquered the island and Turks migrated there.

Britain ruled Cyprus from 1878 until 1960 when it declared independence, but this ruling resulted in the Turkish and Greek communities to be split based on their religious and ethnic backgrounds.

In 1974, the military junta governing Greece at the time and Greek Cypriot nationalists staged a coup d’état to allegedly incorporate Cyprus into Greece. This resulted in the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and the capture of the Northern Cyprus territory. Over 150 000 Greek Cypriots were displaced as well as 50 000 Turkish Cypriots.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is now only recognized by Turkey. The international community at large still considers the northern part of the island to be a territory of the Republic of Cyprus occupied by Turkish forces.

So what do you think? Should we expect our artists and public figures to be aware of foreign politics and history in the areas they travel to? Or should we give Anne Marie David a break for this as she probably didn’t mean to offend anyone?

Source: Facebook, Wikipedia

10 thoughts on “Anne Marie David in heated debate with fans discussing if Cyprus is one or two countries

  1. Regardless of our opinion on this matter, the island is split. There is a de facto Turkish Cyprus. The lack of recognition by other countries doesn’t change the reality of the people living there. We are told time and time again that Eurovision is a song contest. We are constantly reminded that the ESC was created as an instrument of peace in response to the devastation of World War II. Anne Marie-David is an icon. Cut her some slack. Or even better, show her some respect.

    • Fortunately or unfortunately respect in this life is won not required. Anne Marie David before asking any respect towards her, to think of the thousands of victims thousands of displaced and of course the thousands of Cypriots that still missing because of the illegal Turkish invasion in 1974, as marked by the UN agency. Also she should be silent when she does not know something and not saying stupidities. Finally when she writes something in public will have to wait and the reactions, if she did not want to have comments she could close her profile and not just delete the comments she does not like, this of course is not Democracy.

      • Only Greek Cypriots replaced? Only Greek Cypriots missing? Raise your head from the ground and read the reasons why this conflict has happened. Do you ever criticize Greek Cypriot politics which aimed to eliminate Turkish Cypriot existence on the island? Did you ever think how the evil British policies pumped this violence in 60s? Your school books just seed evil and violence, pity. But what is more pity is that you will all be happy if all Turkish Cypriots on this island (rooted back to 1500s) are killed. Wasn’t this what you aimed in 1960s? When it comes to the invasion, it’s illegal. What about the slaughtering you did just before the invasion started? Aha, that is normal huh? Sorry but eat shit.

        • It is always the same, everybody writes in normal words his or her opinion, then a turk appears and starts to use nothing but dirty words and insult people. You are disgusting. What do you think you are? The whole world feels annoyed by the turkish country and its mad leader.
          YOU are the invaders in Cyprus, which I remember very well. And YOU did mug Greek so many centuries before; please will you remember Macedonia? Konstantinople? What else? YOU did slaughter peaceful countries, you, the Osmans! And now you spread the lie the holy Nicholas was a turk, only because you mugged his country and robbed the christian culture! Did you forget the Osmans, which wanted to get Vienna? Did you forget all the robbing and slaughtering christians, working on their fields, so the Holy Cross Knights started to fight against you? This was when? YOU are the invaders, in every european century! And if you get an answer you cry like a schoolgirl. Cowards.
          So please, be quiet. And stop using words against normal ones, which you only should use inside your own country. Thank you.

          ””For Freedom’s battle once begun, // Bequeathed by bleeding Sire to Son, // Though baffled oft is ever won.”
          (Lord Byron)

    • I remember her from the Grand Prix 1973. She said no, she will never make a song again, she would be so great, people will rememeber her forever, so she will never need to do anything again.
      She was nuts, sorry. I was a child, but shocked. Nothing fom Anne-Marie David could surprise me after this.
      And though I have her record since then, I have to say, Cliff Richard’s song is the better known song from then till now. So the wrong did win.
      And no, she isn’t an icon. She is very much in love with herself, that’s all.

    • As for Anne Marie-David, it is time for her to tender her apology for making a mistake. She is starting to sound more and more like Erdogon and his denial of the Armenian Genocide every day.

  2. There’s nothing to discuss. It’s a matter of international LAW! And law should be respected and obeyed by everyone, but ESPECIALLY by public figures. There is no TURKISH part of Cyprus, just as there is no GREEK part of Cyprus. There is just one Republic of Cyprus, with two communities living de facto separately, but working to find a solution. It’s not only an intercommunal political problem, but an international problem involving foreign (Turkish) troops on the island. All these are facts, it’s not a matter of opinion. I don’t think anyone needs to be an expert in politics to recognize these simple facts… So the least she could do as a public figure, is get her facts straight. Not doing it is only bringing her shame…

  3. As an impartial observer, you both have sticks up your asses. Turkey should have never been admitted to NATO. Erdogan is a maniac not unlike Saddam Hussein in his heyday. Also, please stop killing the Kurdish people. These are among the noblest, most caring, hard-working people I’ve ever met. All they want is to be left alone and live in the beautiful mountains they call home. When Erdogan doesn’t have enemies, he makes them up. That’s the definition of a maniac. You, the Turkish people elected him, so you are directly responsible. Also, Greece, enough with the victimization already. We know this isn’t your first time at the rodeo. The “FYR” disclaimer you have forced Macedonia to use is petty, childish, and demeaning. Lastly, please bear in mind that international law is useless unless all countries follow the same doctrines and apply them uniformly across the board. That doesn’t happen and in all likelihood, never will. Chill out and relax. Turkey, please come back next year. Greece, please come back with something less embarrassing than this year.
    P.S.: The undisputed King of Eurovision is Johnny Logan. I was a toddler back when he won, but I’ve come to appreciate the genius he is throughout the years.

  4. In the 1974/573 decision of the Council of Europe, Article-3 states “…the failure of the attempt to reach a diplomatic settlement which led the Turkish Government to exercise its right of intervention in accordance with Article-4 of the Guarantee Treaty of 1960…” and that Article-4 states that “…each of the three guaranteeing Powers reserves the right to take action…”
    The Court of Appeals in Athens, on March 23, 1979, adopted resolution no. 2688/79 which legalized the intervention of Turkey.
    The fact that the problem has not been resolved afterwards (for more than 4 decades) is a different issue. This does NOT make Turkey’s intervention illegal.

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