Join the Team

Do you want to be involved with the Eurovision Song Contest and its national selections? And do you want to work together with others who share your passion? It is not as difficult to get started as you might think.

By visiting this site you have already made the first step. The second step is to contact us and tell us a bit about yourself and any previous experience you might have. The third step is when you receive an email from us. If we think you would be right for the site, the fourth step will be when you are accepted on the team.

On EuroVisionary we work within an open structure where we encourage everyone to take part in talks about how to improve the site and make it even better. Everyone who shows the right skills for it can get their own responsibilities as with us, no-one is higher in ranks – everyone is equal.

Writing for EuroVisionary

Some joins our team simply as they are fans and want to share their passion with the world, others join us with the purpose of improving their journalistic skills for their future career.

It will be an advantage if you have previous journalistic experience, but it is not a requirement as we can teach you what you might need as long as we see the talent being present.

You will be mainly be working from home so a good internet connection is needed. If you wish to cover on the spot at a national final or join our team at the Eurovision Song Contest we will be very happy to help you do so.

The job is voluntarily, but we help you get contacts, working experience and are of course always willing to provide you with a good recommendation if we are satisfied with your work

If you also have good video and photo skills, this can be combined with your position as writer.