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Basic information
22 April 1978
Palais des Congrès, Paris, France
Denise Fabre and Leon Zitrone
About the contest: 

The French organisers came up with the novel idea of showing the artists going from the green room to the stage. Between songs, the act who was about to perform got into a lift. At the bottom, they would greet the previous act before going on to the stage themselves.

Turkey and Denmark entered again, bringing the number of participants up to 20, a record at the time. Perhaps the best known act was Baccara, who had had a big Europe wide hit with the Disco anthem, Yes Sir, I Can Boogie. Jean Vallée represented Belgium for the second time, while Ireen Sheer sang for the second entry, this time for her adopted country, Germany. Future winner Cheryl Baker was part of Coco and Björn Skifs sang the first of his two entries for Sweden.

The 1978 contest gave the world Jahn Teigan. His over the top performance earned him the most famous ‘nul points’ in the history of the contest. You won’t hear him complaining though, as this notoriety helped his career no end. Someone else who did more than all right afterwards was Ireland’s Colm T. Wilkinson. He had a very successful career in musical theatre, including the role of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, where he made the part his own and became recognised around the world as the characters premier exponent.

Only the BBC could do this! British listeners tuning into the contest on their radios were listening to the Spanish song when it was interrupted for some travel news. The reporter was apologetic, gave the apparently vital information and normal broadcasting resumed.
About the songs: 
Colm T. WilkinsonColm T. Wilkinson Ireland - Colm T. Wilkinson - Born to Sing (English)

Music/Lyrics: Colm T. Wilkinson/Colm T. Wilkinson

Conductor: Noel Kelehan

Colm opened the contest by giving the best performance of the night. It was more than a little over the top, but totally genuine. Born to Sing tells the story of a man more committed to his music than any woman he meets.

 Jahn TeigenJahn Teigen Norway - Jahn Teigen - Mil Etter Mil (Norwegian)

Music/Lyrics: Kai Eide/Kai Eide

Conductor: Carsten Klouman

Other songs before and since have failed to score, but this is easily the most famous. It’s actually quite a nice song, but Jahn’s vocals were louder and a lot more intense than this essentially calm song needed. Maybe that’s why he received no points.

 Ricchi e PoveriRicchi e Poveri Italy - Ricchi e Poveri - Questo Amore (Italian)

Music/Lyrics: Dario Farina, Mauro Luisini/Sergio Bardotti

Conductor: Nicola Samare

This is arguably one of Italy’s weakest entries. It never really gets going, and the outfits didn’t help. 

Seija SimolaSeija Simola Finland - Seija Simola - Anna Rakkaudelle Tilaisuus (Finnish)

Music/Lyrics: Reijo Karvonen/Anna Rakkaudelle Tilaisuus, Seija Simola

Conductor: Ossi Runne

The Finnish song starts off very quietly and the volume increases only slightly for the chorus. There is an attempt at a big finish, but it’s more of a limp than a burst over the line.  

 GeminiGemini Portugal - Gemini - Dai-li-dou (Portuguese)

Music/Lyrics: Victor Maméde/Carlos Quintas

Conductor: Thilo Krassman

There are far too many repetitions of the title to keep the song interesting. Turn down the volume and enjoy the performance instead. 

 Joël PrévostJoël Prévost France - Joël Prévost - Il Y Aura Toujours Des Violons (French)

Music/Lyrics: Gèrard Stern/Didier Barbelivien

Conductor: Alain Goraguer

This has all the elements needed for a classic French ballad, but somehow manages to be as dull as the proverbial ditchwater. The fact it finished third was probably a case of home advantage.

 José VélezJosé Vélez Spain - José Vélez - Bailemos Un Vals (Spanish)

Music/Lyrics: Ramón Arcusa, Manuel de la Calva/ Ramón Arcusa, Manuel de la Calva

Conductor: Ramón Arcusa

Perhaps in an effort to please the hosts, there are a few words in French. The drama in Jose’s voice isn’t quite matched by the arrangement, but isn’t far away.

 Co-CoCo-Co United Kingdom - Co-Co - The Bad Old Days (English)

Music/Lyrics: Stephanie de Sykes/Stuart Slater

Conductor: Alyn Ainsworth

Until the slump which started at the end of the nineties, this was the worst placing for any United Kingdom entry. Dressed like escapees from the circus, Coco performed enthusiastically and eleventh place was slightly lower than the song, a jaunty sing along, deserved. 

 Carole VinciCarole Vinci Switzerland - Carole Vinci - Vivre (French)

Music/Lyrics: Alain Morisod/Pierre Alain

Conductor: Daniel Janin

Vivre moves along pleasantly enough at a mid-tempo pace. While it’s pleasant enough, it drifts along without going anywhere and is a bit forgettable.

 Jean ValléeJean Vallée Belgium - Jean Vallée - L'amour ça Fait Chanter La Vie (French)

Music/Lyrics: Jean Vallée/Jean Vallée

Conductor: Jean Muzy

Jean first appeared in the contest in 1970. This beautiful ballad oozes class and integrity. Jean remains seated at the piano for the first half of the song before standing up and moving to centre stage until the end. 

 HarmonyHarmony The Netherlands - Harmony - 't Is Ok (Dutch)

Music/Lyrics: Eddy Ouwens/Toon Gispen, Dick Kooiman

Conductor: Harry van Hoof

Swirling strings grab the listener from the first note and the song never releases its grip. The trio sing well enough and their dance routine is co-ordinated, if a little dated now.

 NazarNazar Turkey - Nazar - Sevinçe (Turkish)

Music/Lyrics: Daghan Baydur, Onno Tunc/Hulki Aktunc

Conductor: Onno Tunc

Three years after its debut in the contest, Turkey came back for its second entry. The ladies and gentlemen in the quartet split the singing duties evenly between themselves, sometimes harmonising. There are lots of strings and a definite Turkish flavour to the song.

 Ireen SheerIreen Sheer Germany - Ireen Sheer - Feuer (German)

Music/Lyrics: Erich Leissman, Jean Frankfurter/John Mőring

Conductor: Jean Frankfurter

Having represented Luxembourg four years earlier, Ireen carried the banner this time for the country which had given her most success. Feuer is an out and out Disco floor filler and Ireen’s performance is full of joy. 

 Caline and Olivier ToussaintCaline and Olivier Toussaint Monaco - Caline and Olivier Toussaint - Les Jardins De Monaco (French)

Music/Lyrics: Paul de Senneville, Olivier Toussaint/ Didier Barbelivien, Jean Albertini

Conductor: Yvon Rioland

The verses sound a little old fashioned, but the song is saved by a more punchy and catchy chorus. 

 Tania TsanaklidouTania Tsanaklidou Greece - Tania Tsanaklidou - Charlie Chaplin (Greek)

Music/Lyrics: Sakis Tsilikis/Yannis Xantoulis

Conductor: Haris Andreadis

Tania was suitably attired and, musically, the arrangement borrows some of the style from Chaplins era, stopping short of being completely Chaplinesque.

 MabelMabel Denmark - Mabel - Boom Boom (Danish)

Music/Lyrics: Mabel/Mabel

Conductor: Helmet Olesen

The Danes have always enjoyed having fun at Eurovision. This song was unlikely to be seen as the most credible musically, but would have cheered anyone up. A big bass drum was also brought on to add a bit more to the ‘boom booms’. 

 BaccaraBaccara Luxembourg - Baccara - Parlez-vous Français? (French)

Music/Lyrics: Rolf Soja/Frank Dostal, Peter Zenter

Conductor: Rolf Soja

Baccara had recently had a big hit with Yes Sir, I Can Boogie and this is very much part two of that song. The vocals were nothing more than ok and the choreography was sensibly simple.

 Izhar Cohen and the AlphabetaIzhar Cohen and the Alphabeta Israel - Izhar Cohen and the Alphabeta - Abanibi (Hebrew)

Music/Lyrics: Nurit Hirsh/Ehud Manor

Conductor: Nurit Hirsh

At first glance, the winner has the kind of title that critics of the contest point to in order to illustrate what they perceive as lyrical banality. The truth is that it uses the language Israeli children use to talk to each other. There are elements of Disco, complemented by Izhar’s white suit. 

 SpringtimeSpringtime Austria - Springtime - Mrs. Caroline Robinson (German)

Music/Lyrics: Walter Markel, Gerhard Markel/ Walter Markel, Gerhard Markel

Conductor: Richard Österreicher

The mysterious Mrs Robinson is the object of the singer’s affections.  The all male trio were dressed almost identically and each played a guitar.  

 Björn SkifsBjörn Skifs Sweden - Björn Skifs - Det Blir Alltid Värre Framåt Natten (Swedish)

Music/Lyrics: Peter Himmelstrand/Peter Himmelstrand

Conductor: Bengt Palmers

Like the Belgian song, this is a piano based ballad which stands out but somehow failed to gain the points from the juries that it deserved. Like Jean Vallée, Björn starts at the piano and finishes on his feet. 

EBU Releases Complete Results of Eurovision 2009

Alexander Rybak © Charlotte Jensen, EuroVisionary

As promised a couple of days ago, the European Broadcasting Union has released the complete results from this year’s contest. This means that we can now see how the public voted, and how the juries voted.

Phone and Jury Votes to be Revealed in Full

2009 Eurovision logo © eurovision.tv

In an announcement made on video website, Youtube, the EBU has announced that the results of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest will be revealed.


1975 Logo ©  EBU
Basic information
22 March 1975
St Eriks Massan Alvsjoe, Stockholm, Sweden
Karin Falck
About the contest: 

The 1975 contest saw yet another country make its debut. Turkey, who would have to wait a very long time before achieving any kind of success, entered for the first time and finished last. Greece, who had only made its debut the year before, stayed away, but Malta returned having taken a year off the previous year. France also came back after withdrawing in the week leading up to the 1974 contest.

The Shadows were probably the biggest name in the contest. Their song was written by Paul Curtis, who would write three more entries for the United Kingdom. Ellen Nikolaysen had been a member of Norway’s Bendik Singers in the 1973 and 1974 contests. This time, she had her own song.

It was also the year that the most famous of all the voting systems was introduced. Each country organised a jury who would give a mark for each song. After all the songs had been performed, the marks were added up, The top ten songs were awarded 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 or 12 points. The points system is still in use today, even though the method of achieving them has changed with the introduction of phone voting. 

The biggest stir was caused by Portugal’s Duarte Mendes. He wanted to commemorate the 1974 revolution in his country by wearing full military uniform, including a loaded revolver. The EBU decided that this wasn’t appropriate and banned Duarte from doing so.
About the songs: 
 Teach-InTeach-In The Netherlands - Teach-In - Ding-a-Dong (English)

Writer/Lyrics: Dick Bakker, Eddy Ouwens/Will Luikinga

Conductor: Harry van Hoof

The second Dutch winner has an international flavour with its simple lyrics and cheery melody. There is a belief that being first in the running order is a disadvantage. The birth of a new voting system was clearly not to the disadvantage of the Netherlands.

 The Swarbriggs 1975The Swarbriggs 1975 Ireland - The Swarbriggs - That's What Friends Are For (English)

Writer/Lyrics: Tommy Swarbrigg, Jimmy Swarbrigg/ Tommy Swarbrigg, Jimmy Swarbrigg

Conductor: Colman Pearce

The Swarbrigg brothers wrote as well as performed the Irish song, which lyrically is a poor man’s ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother’. They would represent Ireland again two years later.  

 Nicole RieuNicole Rieu France - Nicole Rieu - Et Bonjour à Toi L'artiste (French)

Writer/Lyrics: Pierre Delanoë, Jeff Barnel/ Pierre Delanoë, Jeff Barnel

Conductor: Jean Muzy

Such is the softness of the song, it’s almost as if the writers didn’t want anyone to hear it. As well as soft, it’s also very melodic. 

 Joy FlemingJoy Fleming Germany - Joy Fleming - Ein Lied Kann Eine Brücke Sein (German)

Music/Lyrics: Rainer Pietsch/Michael Holm

Conductor: Rainer Pietsch

No-one could fail to notice Joy! The big woman with the big voice belted out Germany’s entry, with lots of help from the brass section.

 GéraldineGéraldine Luxembourg - Géraldine - Toi (Luxembourg)

Writer/Lyrics: Bill Martin, Phil Coulter/ Bill Martin, Phil Coulter, Pierre Cour

Conductor: Phil Coulter

The lilting melody of the verses, which Géraldine almost whispers, gives way to a more impassioned chorus. 

 Ellen NikolaysenEllen Nikolaysen Norway - Ellen Nikolaysen - You Touched My Life With Summer (English)

Writer/Lyrics: Sven Hundsnes/Johnny Saeussen

Conductor: Carsten Klouman

The chorus is let down by the verses. While the chorus is quite strong, the listener might not make it beyond the first verse.

 Simone DrexelSimone Drexel Switzerland - Simone Drexel - Mikado (German)

Writer/Lyrics: Simone Drexel/ Simone Drexel

Conductor: Peter Jacques

This is a pleasant, jolly song whose melody, in the chorus at least, is very much in the style of the circus.

 Pepel In KriPepel In Kri Yugoslavia - Pepel In Kri - Dan Ljubezni (Serbo-Croat)

Writer/Lyrics: Tadej Hrusovar/Dusan Velkaverh

Conductor: Mario Rijavic

If Dan Ljubezni was as memorable as it is pleasant, it could have won. As it is, the likeability factor doesn’t quite go far enough for this folk song.

 The ShadowsThe Shadows United Kingdom - The Shadows - Let Me Be the One (English)

Writer/Lyrics: Paul Curtis/Paul Curtis

Conductor: Alyn Ainsworth

Having long since stepped out of Cliff Richard’s ‘shadow’, this was a rare excursion into lyrics for a band better known for instrumentals. Bruce Welch had lead vocal duties, and let the world know when he forgot a couple of words when he turned to his colleagues and said “I knew it” in range of his microphone.

 RenatoRenato Malta - Renato - Singing This Song (English)

Writer/Lyrics: Sammy Galea/Iris Misfud

Conductor: Vince Tempera

After a two year break, Malta returned with a song whose lyrics are inane and melody childish. Amazingly, this did a lot better than the two previous Maltese entries.

 Ann ChristyAnn Christy Belgium - Ann Christy - Gelukkig Zijn (Flemish/English)

Writer/Lyrics: Mary Boduin/ Mary Boduin

Conductor: Francis Bay

This is a steady tune which is easy to remember and sing along with. She seemed indecisive as to which language to sing in, chosing to sing half the song in Flemish and half in English.

 Shlomo ArtziShlomo Artzi Israel - Shlomo Artzi - At Ve'ani (Hebrew)

Writer/Lyrics:  Shlomo Artzi/Ehud Manor

Conductor: Eldad Shrem

The third Israeli entry was the first up-tempo song from it. It showed a glimpse of the delights of Israeli pop that would delight fans in later years.

 Semiha YankiSemiha Yanki Turkey - Semiha Yanki - Seninle Bir Dakika (Turkish)

Music/Lyrics: Kemal Ebcioglu/Hikmet Munir Ebcioglu

Conductor: Timor Selcuk

As with many Turkish entries, this, their contest debut, didn’t make the impression on the scoreboard it deserved to. It’s not one of the foot tapper that fans would become used to, more a melodic, captivating song which has stood the test of time.   

 SophieSophie Monaco - Sophie - Une Chanson C'est Une Lettre (French)

Writer/Lyrics: André Popp/Boris Bergman

Conductor: André Popp

Making good use of the accordion, Sophie’s eyes barely look away from the camera during the close ups. The song moves along quite freely and easily.

 PihasoittajatPihasoittajat Finland - Pihasoittajat - Old Man Fiddle (English)

Music/Lyrics: Kim Kuusi/Hannu Karlsson

Conductor: Ossi Runne

Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of fiddle playing as Finland turned to folk music. More surprising was that it finished as high as seventh. 

 Duarte MendesDuarte Mendes Portugal - Duarte Mendes - Madrugada (Portuguese)

Music/Lyrics: José Luis Tinoco/ José Luis Tinoco

Conductor: Pedro Osório

Having been prevented by the EBU from dressing in full military regalia complete with loaded pistol, Duarte instead wore a sober (by 1970’s standards!) suit. A shame in a way, because the uniform would have suited this dramatic song quite well.

 Sergio y EstíbalizSergio y Estíbaliz Spain - Sergio y Estíbaliz - Tú Volverás (Spain)

Music/Lyrics: Juan Carlos Calderón/ Juan Carlos Calderón

Conductor: Juan Carlos Calderón

Estíbaliz’s voice is the louder of the duo. Sergio is virtually a backing singer in one of the less Spanish of 1970’s Spanish entries. 

 Lars BerghagenLars Berghagen Sweden - Lars Berghagen and the Dolls - Jennie, Jennie (English)

Writer/Lyrics: Lars Berghagen/ Lars Berghagen

Conductor: Lars Samuelson

The possibility of a second successive victory for the host nation couldn’t be ruled out. Jennie, Jennie is a sad ballad about a girl for whom life is becoming too difficult. 

 Wess & Dori GhezziWess & Dori Ghezzi Italy - Wess and Dori Ghezzi - Era (Italian)

Writer/Lyrics: David Shapiro/Andrea lo Vecchio

Conductor: Pier Natale Massara

Era is a very laid back song which winds its way steadily from the beginning to the end. Wess’ voice has a naturally rough tinge to it, but it still harmonises well with Dori’s more smooth vocal.  

Patricia Kaas Goes on Concert Tour

Patricia Kaas - Kabaret

France’s magical voice, Patricia Kaas, has started her concert and promo tours for her latest album, Kabaret, now that the Eurovision Song Contest has ended. Patricia’s tour will include 170 dates in Europe, Asia and North America. Patricia brought France to a top 10 position for the first time since 2002.

A flashback to the Turkish Entries: TRT's Genç Mikrofon

Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) Offical Logo ©  TRT

Tonight, a special show will be aired on the Turkish National Broadcaster, TRT, where 10 Turkish Eurovision Song Contest entries will be performed by young contestants from the Genç Mikrofon Contest. It's rumoured that the winning group will be representing Turkey at Junior Eurovision Song Contest next year with Turkey's possible representation.

After Movie Star: Sibel Tüzün Now in a Musical

Sibel Tüzün on Musical ©  Seni Seviyorum, Mükemmelsin, Şimdi Değiş

Sibel Tüzün, 2006 Turkish representative, became a musical actress after appearing in another Turkish movie, Çılgın Dershane, last summer. She has a role in the Turkish version of a Broadway musical, I Love You, You Are Perfect - Now Change.

2003tr Sertab Erener - Everyway That I Can

See video

Sertab Erener have won the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest with her song Everyway That I Can.

Contest Ends - Hadise: “I Would Do Eurovision Again!”

Hadise with Eurovision Song Contest Logo ©  Hadise

Hadise returned to Belgium happy with the results, and she talked to a news agency in Turkey.  Three weeks ago, she achieved 4th place in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009.

Sucess on homeground for De Toppers and Hadise

De Toppers - Shine and Hadise - Düm Tek Tek singles

Eurovision Song Contest winner Alexander Rybak is popular in both the Netherlands and Belgium. De Toppers is doing well on the Dutch chart and in Belgium Hadise is on both the ones from Flanders and Wallonia, although the two charts are very different.






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