2006 Semi-Final

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Basic information
18 May 2006
Olympic Indoor Hall, Athens, Greece
Maria Menounos & Sakis Rouvas
About the contest: 

There had been a joke among followers of the contest that was based on a series of unlikely, if not impossible events which gradually built up the levels of ridiculousness and climaxing with Hell freezing over and Finland winning the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2006, Hell didn’t freeze, but Finland did win the contest. Not only did it win, but the points total was huge and easily the largest number accumulated by any country at that point in the history of the contest. Some say Lordi owe their victory partly to Norwegian rockers, Wig Wam, who proved that rock could do well in the contest when they came 9th in 2005 and in the process, made rock familiar to Eurovision viewers. If this is true, that should not take away Lordi’s achievement. There were still some that believed in the myth that europap ruled the contest and that ‘proper’ music didn’t have a place. While that view was always wrong, Lordi smashed that myth once and for all. Not only that, they also proved that you don’t need your neighbours to vote for you. While they received good scores from their fellow Scandinavians, the Finns would have won even if they had received no points at all from these countries.

As usual, controversy was not far away. First of all, the Slovenian song, Mr. Nobody, was accused of plagiarism. Austrian singer and 1990 Eurovision representative, Simone, had already released a song called Santa Maria, which had more than a passing resemblance to Mr. Nobody. However, no complaint from the writers of Santa Maria was received by the EBU, and an investigation ruled that the similarities were not close enough to warrant disqualification.

If that wasn’t enough, down the coast in Serbia and Montenegro, trouble brewed at the national final. The Serbians and Montenegrins submitted half the songs each to compete in the final. Boy band, No Name, from Montenegro won the right to go to the contest for a second time. However, the Serbs were not happy as the voting revealed that, while the Serbian juries had voted for Montenegrin songs as well as their ‘own’, Montenegrin juries awarded points mostly to ‘their own’. After much speculation and discussion between the two broadcasting companies, no compromise could be reached and so Serbia and Montenegro was a late withdrawal from the contest. Soon after, the two nations agreed to go their separate ways and became independent countries, adding to the increasing list of participants, which brought about a change in the format in 2008.

United Kingdom rapper, Daz Sampson, was a bundle of energy as he bounced on to the stage at the start of his song and appeared to be giving his performance a little bit too much zest. The reasons became apparent soon after the contest was over. His father had passed away a couple of weeks before and Daz had kept it to himself so as not to bring extra attention on himself or be accused of trying to win sympathy votes. During his performance, a lot of emotions must have been coming to the surface so his exuberance can be forgiven.

Armenia joined the Eurovision club, while Austria, Serbia and Montenegro and Hungary withdrew. There were plenty of familiar faces on show in 2006. Carola, Fabrizio Faniello, Eddie Butler (as part of Eden in 1999) and Anna Vissi were all old hands. Dima Bilan made the first of two very successful appearances in the contest.

Finnish rockers, Lordi, wanted pyrotechnics to be part of their stage show. Finnish broadcaster YLE isn’t one of the richest of Europe’s television companies, but Finnish rock festivals raised enough money for the spectacular that was witnessed on stage.
About the songs: 
AndréAndré Armenia - André - Without Your Love (English)

Music/Lyrics: Armen Martirosjan/Catherine Bekian

The contest’s newest recruit goes down the commercial pop route with its first song, but maintains (in parts) an element of the ethnic Armenian sound. Over elaborate staging with some ill designed furniture took away some of the potential the song had for success.  

 Mariana PopovaMariana Popova Bulgaria - Mariana Popova - Let Me Cry (English)

Music/Lyrics: José Manuel Alfonso, Elvis Veiguinha/José Manuel Alfonso, Elvis Veiguinha

The Bulgarians kept the presentation simple, opting to give Mariana little choreography and her dancers more traditional dance steps as they moved around her. Given the average nature of the song, perhaps a dash more complexity was needed to attract votes. 

 Andej DejanAndej Dejan Slovenia - Andej Dejan - Mr. Nobody (English)

Music/Lyrics: Matjaž Vlasič/Ursa Vlasič

Having survived possible disqualification for plagiarism, Andej looked as if he had anticipated not being allowed to perform and hadn’t gone to the trouble of brushing his hair! His song starts slowly and quietly, but soon develops into a strong, toe-tapping pop song, during which he has the opportunity to flirt with five lovelies.  

 JenniferJennifer Andorra - Jennifer - Sense Tu (Catalan)

Music/Lyrics: Rafa Artesero/Rafa Artesero

Prior to the contest, this was a song that easily sounded strong enough to for a final berth. However, whoever designed the costumes made sure this wouldn’t happen. Using the lingerie section of a department store as inspiration made all on stage look ridiculous and scuppered any chances Andorra had of qualifying for the final for the first time.  

 Polina SmolovaPolina Smolova Belarus - Polina Smolova - Mum (English)

Music/Lyrics: Sergey Sukhomlin/ Andrey Kostiugov

Polina would have been a bit disappointed had her pop/rock song missed out on a place in the final by a small margin. However, her 22nd place was surely a huge shock for her and many others. Her routine was very energetic and would have made her very warm, even though she was wearing very little anyway.

 Luiz EjlliLuiz Ejlli Albania - Luiz Ejlli - Zjarr E Ftohtë (Albanian)

Music/Lyrics: Klodian Qafoku/Dr. Flori

After singing their first two entries in English, the Albanians opted for their own language and a style much closer to home. A sensible move as the Albanian language is more effective than English would have been.

 Kate RyanKate Ryan Belgium - Kate Ryan - Je T'adore (English)

Music/Lyrics: Kate Ryan, Niklas Bergwall, Niclas Kings, Lisa Greene/Kate Ryan, Niklas Bergwall, Niclas Kings, Lisa Greene

Open mouths all round among the fans when the top 10 was revealed and Kate wasn’t in it! Her Europop tune would fill any dance floor, but was about ten years out of date.

 Brian KennedyBrian Kennedy Ireland - Brian Kennedy - Every Song Is A Cry For Love (English)

Music/Lyrics: Brian Kennedy/Brian Kennedy

Determined to reverse declining fortunes, the Irish sent one of their most popular singers with a song he wrote himself. The tactic worked, just, as he finished in the last qualifying place in the semi. It is a ballad in a class above those which had seen Ireland at the wrong end of the scoreboard in recent times. 

 Annet ArtaniAnnet Artani Cyprus - Annet Artani - Why Angels Cry (English)

Music/Lyrics: Petros Yiannaki/Petros Yiannaki

Annet was wasting her time travelling to Kiev. She was never going to reach the final with this badly constructed, badly sung, self-indulgent nonsense. 

 Séverine FerrerSéverine Ferrer Monaco - Séverine Ferrer - La Coco-dance (French)

Music/Lyrics: J.Woodfeel, Iren Bo/J.Woodfeel, Iren Bo

Calypso is always a welcome sound, bringing with it a cheerful, optimistic feeling.  La Coco-dance is pleasant enough but doesn’t exploit the potential it had to really stand out.

 Elena RisteskaElena Risteska Macedonia - Elena Risteska - Ninanajna (Macedonia/English)

Music/Lyrics: Darko Dimitrov/Rade Vrčakovski

If Elena’s modern pop song was going to reach the final, it was probably going to be a close call. So it turned out to be, as she accrued just enough points, even though Ninanajna is a bit of the boring side.

 Ich Troje  2006Ich Troje 2006 Poland - Ich Troje - Follow My Heart (Polish/English)

Music/Lyrics: André Franke/Michal Wisniewski, Jacek Lagwa, Real McCoy

Pre contest, this looked like a nailed on certainty to be one of the lucky ten. However, the strange choice of costume and weird hair colour must have put off a lot of viewers. A travesty really, as this is one of the best songs in the contest.

 Dima BilanDima Bilan Russia - Dima Bilan - Never Let You Go (English)

Music/Lyrics: Alexandr Lunyov/Karen Kavaleryan, Irina Antonyan

A classic case of over-the-top presentation! Dima had a strong and contemporary pop song that would not be out of place in the charts on both sides of the Atlantic, so someone decided to insert a dancer emerging from the piano into the staging. The Russian delegation got into trouble when Dima’s position in the running order was clearly visible on his vest, making it easier for viewers to remember which number to vote for. This was seen as unfair, but it didn’t stop the same thing happening in the final.

 Sibel TüzünSibel Tüzün Turkey - Sibel Tüzün - Superstar (Turkish)

Music/Lyrics: Sibel Tüzün/Sibel Tüzün

This song wouldn’t have made Sibel a ‘superstar’. It’s a rather lacklustre Turkish pop song with an over-long instrumental section. In fact, when the vocals start again, it catches the listener by surprise.   

 Tina KarolTina Karol Ukraine - Tina Karol - Show Me Your Love (English)

Music/Lyrics: José Manuel Alfonso, Elvis Weiguinha/José Manuel Alfonso, Elvis Weiguinha

Tina looked completely at home on stage. Her relaxed approach and natural talent did a very good job of selling her pop song with a Balkan flavour. 

 LordiLordi Finland - Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah  (English)

Music/Lyrics: Lordi/Lordi

Complete with monster costumes (which Lordi were never seen without), the audience witnessed something it hadn’t seen before. It wasn’t hard rock by purists’ standards, but was closer to it than had been seen in the contest before. Pyrotechnics abounded, even spraying from the guitars towards the songs climax. 

 TrebleTreble The Netherlands - Treble - Amambanda 

Music/Lyrics: Caroline Hoffmann, Nina van Dijk, Djem van Dijk/Caroline Hoffmann, Nina van Dijk, Djem van Dijk

The Dutch trio (two of whom are sisters) deserved far better than they received. Amambanda is actually a bright, lively and very likeable tune which should have challenged for a place in the final.

 LT UnitedLT United Lithuania - LT United - We Are The Winners (English)

Music/Lyrics: Andrius Mamontovas, Saulius Urbonavicius/Andrius Mamontovas, Saulius Urbonavicius

There is almost a football chant feel to the Lithuanian song. Very much an outsider before the contest, its zany, cocky nature clearly appealed to some. 

 NonstopNonstop Portugal - Nonstop - Coisas De Nada (Portuguese)

Music/Lyrics: José Manuel Alfonso, Elvis Weiguinha/José Manuel Alfonso, Elvis Weiguinha

Another bad day for a costume designer! The leotards and headgear looked ridiculous together. The arrangement of the song is like those that were often found in Portuguese finals in the 1990’s, but only ever in songs that made up the numbers and never actually won. The result this time says everything.  

 Carola 2006Carola 2006 Sweden - Carola - Invincible (English)

Music/Lyrics: Thomas G:son, Bobby Ljunggren, Henrik Wikström/Thomas G:son, Carola Häggkvist

Old favourite and ex winner Carola came back for a third time with another infectious tune. It’s not the best example of Swedish schlager, but is a credible example of why Sweden is among the favourite Eurovision countries of most fans. 

 SandraSandra Estonia - Sandra - Through My Window (English)

Music/Lyrics: Jana Hallas/Pearu Paulus, Ilmar Laisaar, Alar Kotkas

Since winning the contest in 2001, Estonia had really improived the quality of its entries. Through My Window is a case in point, being a breezy, catchy and enjoyable piece of up-tempo pop.

 Hari Mata HariHari Mata Hari Bosnia and Herzegovina - Hari Mata Hari - Lejla (Bosnian)

Music/Lyrics: Zeljko Joksimovic/Fahrudin Pecikoza, Dejan Ivanovic

The beautiful, almost poetic Lejla glides along effortlessly. The use of ethnic Bosnian sounds gives the song a focus, while the whole package provides one of Bosnia’s best entries to date.

Silvia NightSilvia Night Iceland - Silvia Night - Congratulations (English)

Music/Lyrics: Porvaldur Bjarni Porvaldsson/Agústa Eva Erlendsdóttir, Gaukur Ulfarsson

It isn’t often a singer gets booed off stage at Eurovision, but Silvia’s antics in the week had clearly got on everyone’s nerves. Depending on your point of view, Congratulations is either funny or silly, tacky or high camp.

2005 Semi-Final

2005 Logo ©  EBU
Basic information
19 May 2005
Contest type: 
Grand Final
Palats Sportu, Kyiv, Ukraine
Masha & DJ Pasha
Other shows this year: 
About the contest: 

When Ruslana won the contest in Istanbul in 2004, no-one foresaw the political upheaval that would change the face of Ukraine so dramatically. Only a few months before the contest was due to take place, the people of Ukraine took part in what became known as the ‘Orange Revolution’ which saw dramatic changes in the landscape of Ukrainian politics. For a time, there was doubt that the contest could even take place in the country at all. However, the newly installed leaders were determined not to allow the opportunity to show the new Ukraine to the world evaporate. Every effort was made to make it easy for the EBU to sanction Ukraine’s hosting of the contest, even temporarily suspending visa requirements to enter the country.

The 2005 contest was a very special one; it was the 50th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest. It had come a long way in those 50 years. For instance, the first contest saw only seven countries travel to Switzerland, 2005 saw 39 delegations make their way to Kiev. The milestone was marked with a special televised show hosted by Denmark in October of the same year.

Greece won the contest after 31 years of trying. Throughout the 70’s 80’s and 90’s it had been one of the ‘also ran’s’, rarely competing for top spot. However, in the dawn of the new millennium, when the balance of power in the contest started to shift towards the newer and previously less successful countries, Greece had started to edge ever nearer the elusive win.

While Greece was competing in the contest for the 31st time, 2005 saw first time entries from Bulgaria and Moldova. Lebanon registered to participate and even got as far as selecting a song, Aline Lahoud with Quand Tout S'enfuit. However, when it became apparent that the Lebanese broadcaster had no intention of showing the Israeli entry, in line with the country’s constitution, it had no choice but to withdraw and not take part. 

Song writing partners David Brandes and John O’Flynn were kept busy in the build up to the contest. Not only did they write the Swiss song, they also had a hand in the German song. In fact, David Brandes was the major contributor to Vanilla Ninja’s debut album. The album is full of good songs, and German singer Gracia must have cursed him for giving her such a dud when he had so many better songs available. 

Elena Paparizou, Chiara, Selma and Constantinos were all familiar faces to Eurovision fans, while Feminnem were making the first of two appearances, which were for different countries. Zdob si Zdub also made the first of two visits to the contest, each for Moldova. Serbia and Montenegro’s No Name would have returned to the contest in 2006 had in-fighting between the two soon to be separate nations meant a withdrawal from that contest.

The voting system was the very well established system of awarding points from 1 - 8, then 10 and 12. All 39 countries voted in the semi-final and the final.

About the songs: 
Global.KrynerGlobal.Kryner Austria - Global.Kryner - Y Así (English)

Music/Lyrics: Christof Spörk, Edi Köhldorfer/Christof Spörk

Yes it’s different, but the oompah band style is messy and the brief yodel adds nothing positive.

 LauraLaura Lithuania - Laura and the Lovers - Little By Little (English)

Music/Lyrics: Bobby Ljungr, Billy Butt/Bobby Ljungr, Billy Butt

The presentation was a little amateurish and Laura wasn’t the best of singers, but despite finishing last, her song was strong enough to deserve a place in the final. It’s a bit rock for children and perhaps that was the problem. 

 2B2B Portugal - 2B - Amar (Portuguese/English)

Music/Lyrics: Jose de Ponte, Alexandre Honrado, Ernesto Leite/Jose de Ponte, Alexandre Honrado, Ernesto Leite

2B were a male/female duo. The chanted verse leads to a big chorus. The chances of qualifying were reduced by the manic yet static choreography.

 Zdob si ZdubZdob si Zdub Moldova - Zdob si Zdub - Boonika Bate Toba (Moldovan)

Music/Lyrics: Zdob si Zdub/Zdob si Zdub

Moldova’s debut featured Granny gently rocking to and fro in her chair. Suddenly, tired of taking it all in, up she gets and starts banging her drum, as the translated title demands. All this is set to a rock soundtrack.

 Walter & KazhaWalter & Kazha Latvia - Walter & Kazha - The War Is Not Over (English)

Music/Lyrics: Mărtins Freimanis/Mărtins Freimanis

Simplicity was the order of the day for Latvia. Walter & Kazha sat on stools strumming their guitars before (predictably) dispensing with the instruments to stand. It was all their soft rock ballad needed.  

 Lise DarlyLise Darly Monaco - Lise Darly - Tout De Moi (French)

Music/Lyrics: Phil Bosco/Phil Bosco

Even employing the services of the Paris Symphony Orchestra couldn’t lift Lise into the final. Her majestic ballad clearly went straight over the heads of most viewers. 

 Shiri MaymonShiri Maymon Israel - Shiri Maymon - Hasheket Shenish'ar (Hebrew/English)

Music/Lyrics: Pini Aronbayev/Pini Aronbayev, Eyal Shachar

It doesn’t get much better than this! While there had been many epic, anthemic ballads from Israel before, Hasheket Shenish'ar has extra passion, emotion and soul about it that lifts it above the rest. 

 Angelica AgurbashAngelica Agurbash Belarus - Angelica Agurbash - Love Me Tonight (English)

Music/Lyrics: Nikos Terzis/Nektarios Tyrakis

Although Angelica won the Belarusian final with a different song, Boys and Girls, she was allowed to choose another song in order to make her feel happier about her chances. The song she settled for is a slightly camp disco anthem.

 Glennis GraceGlennis Grace The Netherlands - Glennis Grace - My Impossible Dream (English)

Music/Lyrics: Robert D Fisher/Bruce Smith

The Martin Luther-King style ‘I have a dream’ at the beginning sets the tone very early. Whitney Houston would perhaps have used My Impossible Dream to fill an album, but there isn’t enough punch that epic ballads must have. 

 SelmaSelma Iceland - Selma - If I Had Your Love (English)

Music/Lyrics: Thorvaldur Bjarni Thorvaldsson, Vignir SnærVigfússon/Thorvaldur Bjarni Thorvaldsson, Vignir SnærVigfússon

On the strength of her 1999 success, many expected Selma to qualify for the final. Past glories mean nothing to a voting public who probably didn’t remember her, and this pop song just wasn’t strong enough.   

 Nuno ResendeNuno Resende Belgium - Nuno Resende - Le Grand Soir (French)

Music/Lyrics: Alec Mansion, Frédéric Zeitoun/Alec Mansion, Frédéric Zeitoun

Belgium chose Portuguese Nuno to represent them with a rather sub-standard, French style ballad. It’s all right at the beginning but starts dragging towards the end.  

 SuntribeSuntribe Estonia - Suntribe - Let's Get Loud (English)

Music/Lyrics: Sven Löhmus/Sven Löhmus

The unusual sight of five ladies behind turntables greeted viewers when the camera focused on the Estonians. There are sections of their pop/rock song that suited these props, but they look out of place for most of the song.

 Wig WamWig Wam Norway - Wig Wam - In My Dreams (English)

Music/Lyrics: Trond ‘Teeny’ Holter/Trond ‘Teeny’ Holter

From the opening refrain of ‘come on, come on, come on’, Norway’s experienced rockers hook everyone close enough to hear - and that would have been a very large radius! Hard enough for fans of proper rock, but also accessible for everyone else, the contest needed a song like this.

 Luminita AnghelLuminita Anghel Romania - Luminita Anghel & Sistem - Let Me Try (English)

Music/Lyrics: Christian Faur/Christian Faur

The presentation, particularly the use of props such as metal barrels as drums, was very irritating at times and distracted from the song. That was a pity, as Let Me Try is a strong, up-tempo song in its own right. Having won the semi-final, it could have won the final without all the mucking around. 

 NOXNOX Hungary - NOX - Forogj Világ (Hungarian)

Music/Lyrics: Harmath Szabolcs, Villa Attila/Harmath Szabolcs, Villa Attila

NOX brought Hungary back to the contest after a seven year absence - and what a return! It is vibrant, full of style and energy and very, very infectious. The choreography did its job of selling the song without taking over.

 Geir RönningGeir Rönning

Finland - Geir Rönning - Why? (English)

Music/Lyrics: Mika Toivanen/Mika Toivanen

Geir’s heartfelt ballad wonders why there is so much bad in the world instead of complete harmony. He sings with immense feeling, but it was never going to reach the final.

 Martin VucicMartin Vucic Macedonia - Martin Vucic - Make My Day (English)

Music/Lyrics: Dragan Vučic/Ognen Hedelkovski

For many, this was a surprise finalist. The Balkan pop song was considered too lightweight and weak in comparison to its competitors. It took more than neighbourly voting to help it qualify, and worse songs than his found themselves needed on the day of the final.

 Marian van de WalMarian van de Wal Andorra - Marian van de Wal - La Mirada Interior (Catalan)

Music/Lyrics: Rafa Tanit/Daniel Aragay, Rafa Fernández

Beneath the strong rhythm is a well constructed song that perhaps needed a bit more grit to win enough votes from the public. The costumes of the backing dancers had the look of ‘been worn in the jungle for some time’ about them. 

 Vanilla NinjaVanilla Ninja Switzerland - Vanilla Ninja - Cool Vibes (English)

Music/Lyrics: David Brandes/John O’Flynn

After scoring no points in the semi-final the year before, Switzerland came back with a potential winner! Estonian girl rock band, Vanilla Ninja, sounded good and looked the part in a contest where rock was a more common genre than ever before. Cool Vibes explodes into life, grips the listener tightly and never lets go until it’s good and ready. Great stuff!

 Boris NovkovicBoris Novkovic Croatia - Boris Novkovic feat. Lado Members - Vukovi Umiru Sami (Croatian)

Music/Lyrics:  Franjo Valentic/Boris Novkovic

After many attempts as a singer or writer, Boris finally won the chance to represent his country. His ballad is reflective and is given a haunting touch with the effective use of the flute. 

 KaffeKaffe Bulgaria - Kaffe - Lorraine (English)

Music/Lyrics: Vesselin Ivanov/ Vesselin Ivanov, Ovin Pavlov

It was always going to be difficult for Kaffe to reach the final. Their smooth jazz number is musically credible and sophisticated, but not instant enough to fare well in a competition of this nature. When the 2005 contest is listened to in years to come, Lorrraine will have aged better than many.

 Donna and JosephDonna and Joseph Ireland - Donna and Joseph McCaul - Love? (English)

Music/Lyrics: Karl Broderick/Karl Broderick

Donna and Joe are siblings. Donna was clearly the more accomplished performer, but boy was Joe determined to enjoy himself! He bounded around the stage like a spring lamb enjoying the sunshine. The duo’s song is chirpy and enjoyable, while the presentation throws in a bit of sexy Irish dancing to remind viewers of Ireland’s glory days.

 Omar NaberOmar Naber Slovenia - Omar Naber - Stop (English)

Music/Lyrics: Omar Naber/Urse Vlasič

Stop starts in quiet, reflective fashion, builds a bit with the introduction of an electronic drum (never a good move) before building into a rock song. 

 Jakob SveistrupJakob Sveistrup Denmark - Jakob Sveistrup - Talking To You (English)

Music/Lyrics: Jacob Launbjerg, Andreas Morck Jacob Launbjerg, Andreas Morck

There is the merest hint of reggae about the Danish song. The performance was designed to give the backing singers plenty to think about.

 Ivan & DelfinIvan & Delfin Poland - Ivan & Delfin - Czarna Dziewczyna (Polish/Ukrainian)

Music/Lyrics: Lukasz Lazer/Ivan Komarenko, Pawel Radziszewski

Ivan and Delfin travelled to Kiev with a gipsy folk song, complete with accordion. It would have had its fans, but is too niche to have enough of them to make a difference. In fact, it was a bit surprising that they got as close as they did to qualifying for the final.

The Semi-Final Results

Tom Dice © EuroVisionary.com

Shortly after Lena had been declared the winner of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, the EBU released the results of the two semi-finals.

Shocks and Surprises - The Story of the Second Semi-Final

2nd Semi-Final

After the fairly uncontroversial results of the first semi-final, tonight’s second semi-final produced a number of surprises and talking points. Some songs considered sure-fire finalists were left behind, while those that should have been disposed of lived to sing another day.

The 2nd Semi-Final: A Prediction

2010 Logo ©  EBU

After the first semi-final, Eurovisionary has stepped back into our time machine to see who will qualify from Thursday’s second semi-final. Our journey has shown us who will claim the last ten available places in the final.

Day 8 - Press Conferences

Niamh Kavanagh © EuroVisionary

This time next week, we will know whose hard work has paid off and where we will gather next year. Meanwhile, the preparations continued for some of the participants in the second semi-final starting with Ireland. The Big 4 and Norway also had their final solo rehearsals.

Bulgaria give angelic show

Miro *copright: www.eurovision.tv)

Miro and his dancers provided a great show at their 2nd rehearsal for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.

Day 4 - Press Conferences

Femminen ©  EuroVisionary.com

Four days into the two week long party, and all delegations competing in the two semi finals have now rehearsed and spoken to the press. Today saw the remainder of the countries in the second semi-final take to the stage and the conference room.

Miro rocks on the stage

Miro © .kafene.bg

Miro entered the stage as the real angel and took his first rehearsal in Oslo. We saw something different this time.

Eurovision in Concert - part 3

Aisha at Eurovision In Concert 2010 ©  Charlotte Jensen, EuroVisionary

At the 2010 Eurovision In Concert several of this year's participants gave examples of what else they have to offer. This included a medley of Eurovision classics by Sieneke and Juliana Pasha and Harel Skaat singing each their cover of a previous Eurovision Song Contest winner and Alyosha made new lyrics to Nocturne. See the many videos in our playlist.




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