Jamala will not take part in Ukrainian re-voting


Yesterday Ukraine decided to go for a second attempt in finding the participant that will represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf after speculations of voting fraud. A new voting would take place Thursday, but only two acts are left to vote between after Jamala withdrew today. 

Armenian Songs Are Revealed

Emmy from Armenia ©  ARM tv

Although there are only four days left to the Armenian National, where a song will be selected for their chosen singer, Emmy. The complete list of songs have now been revealed.

A Friend In London starts their Canadian tour

A Friend In London ©  Franck Greco

Few Days after winning the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and the honour to represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest in May the band starts a three week tour to Canada. The tour includes concerts as well as TV and radio appearances, but probably won't give them many extra votes in Düsseldorf.

Ukraine to Vote Again. Again!

Mika Newton

It seems the Ukrainians don’t like to do things the easy way. After taking three attempts to find a song for the contest in Oslo last year, the one time winner is now seeking a second attempt just two days after Mika Newton won the Ukrainian final with Angel.

World's Largest Television Screen Created for Eurovision 2011

Thyssen Hochhaus (Dusseldorf) [copyright: Steven Juniper, EuroVisionary]

It was announced yesterday, that Düsseldorf would not only be home to the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 but also home to the largest television screen in the world, projecting onto the side of a building screening several live broadcasts of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.

Vlatko Ilievski to Represent Macedonia

Vlatko Ilievski

Macedonia became the latest country to choose its song for Dusseldorf after a marathon weekend of finals. Vlatko Ilievski beat nineteen other songs to become Macedonia’s 11th Eurovision Song Contest entry.  He will sing a song called Rusinka

Maja Keuc Gets the Slovenian Ticket to Düsseldorf

Maja Keuc © RTVSLO

Tonight, Slovenia decided its representative in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest through the highly anticipated selection show EMA. Ten contestants, internally selected by the Slovenian national broadcaster RTVSLO, were battling for that honour. The winner was Maja Keuc with the song, Vanilija, chosen by televoting.

Heavy plagiarism accusations towards A Friend In London’s entry

A Friend In London after having won ©  Bjarne Bergius Hermansen, DR

As EuroVisionary have pointed out earlier the Danish entry have a clear resemblance to a song from Melodifestivalen 2006, but other songs are now also mentioned as being the original of the 2011 Dansk Melodi Grand Prix winner New Tomorrow. After the victory the two songwriters were confronted with the accusations. 

Ukraine Sends an Angel to Dusseldorf

Mika Newton

Ukraine’s selection process for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest started in October 2010. This evening, it finally came to an end. It proved worth it for Mika Newton, who emerged from the pack as the winner.

An Angel In Disguise to represent Latvia

Musiqq ©  The Yellow Rubber Boot

Tonight's final was brought to us from the culture house, otherwise known as Jūras Vārti from the bustling seaside resort of Ventspils. After a close race, the combined choice of the Latvian viewing public and the jury showed that Musiqq was the favourite and the lucky act to snatch the ticket to Düsseldorf.

Zdob şi Zdub - Next Stop - Dusseldorf

Zdob şi Zdub

Moldova was one of six countries which selected it’s entry for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest tonight. It featured a couple of artists with previous experience of the Eurovision Song Contest. The show was a bit of a marathon by national final standards, featuring 25 songs. 

Will A Friend In London be everyone’s friend in Düsseldorf

A Friend In London on stage ©  Bjarne Bergius Hermansen, DR

The Danish TV viewers decided to give a ticket for Germany to A Friend I London. They will be representing Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest trying to bring home the trophy to the red and white coloured Nordic country. That was decided in tonight’s national final that also served a tribute to triple Eurovision participant Tommy Seebach.

Nina Gets the Serbian Ticket to Düsseldorf

Nina © RTS

The Serbian national final, Pesma Za Evropu, was held in Belgrade tonight. Finally, Nina will represent the Balkan country in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Caroban composed by Kristina Kovac.

Estonia send Getter Jaani to Düsseldorf

Getter Jaani ©  www.eurovision.tv

After 2 semi finals tonight was the night Estonia decided who will represent them at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf.  Getter Jaani and Outloudz qualifed for the superfinal.  Who would take the ticket to Germany?

The last step to the final in Croatia was held tonight

Dora hosts 2011 ©  Hrt

The Dora continued with the last step to the final in Croatia. Three acts battled for final ticket at the Dora, one act would wave goodbye to their Eurovision Song Contest dream. We will see one morer battle to raise the Dora prize next weekend.

Linda Bengtzing and Nicke Borg goes to the final in Sweden

Linda B & Nicke B

Sweden has tonight picked Nicke Borg and Linda Bengtzing to the final in Globen. Love Generation and Linda Pritchard will get another chance to qualify next Saturday in the second chance heat.

Yüksek Sadakat Will Have Their Own Philosophy in Dusseldorf

Yüksek Sadakat ©  TRT

Earlier this evening, Yüksek Sadakat presented their song, Live It Up, which will be participating at the Eurovision Song contest in Düsseldorf. Now, it's time to take a look other details from tonight's selection...

Nadine Beiler to Düsseldorf

Nadine Beiler (c) ORF

A few minutes ago the Austrian national final finished. The public decided to send Nadine Beiler to Düsseldorf. She will represent the country with the song The secret is love.

Turkey to Live It Up at the Eurovision Song Contest

Yüksek Sadakat ©  http://yuksek-sadakat.blogcu.com

In a special show dedicated to the occasion Turkish broadcaster, TRT, presentend their entry for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. In Düsseldorf the band Yüksek Sadakat will sing the rock song called Live It Up.  

Austria - Get to know the participants

Austrian flag

Tonight the first Austrian representative since 2007 will be chosen. After a long voting procedure in the internet and via sms 10 acts were finally chosen for the national final. Who will win the ticket to Düsseldorf? Get to know the participants:

Serbian Final - Get To Know The Candidates

Serbian candidates 2011 © RTS

Tomorrow the Serbian national final will take place where three candidates will battle to fly the Serbian flag in Düsseldorf. They are Aleksandra Kovac, Nina and the group The Breeze who will perform the three songs composed by the Kovac Family especially for the occasion.

All ten Danish songs released in full versions

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2011 album cover

Earlier this week 30 seconds clips from the songs participating in Saturday’s Danish final were made public. After the first dress rehearsal Thursday evening the complete versions were put online by DR. The CD will also hit the record stores today. 

Lithuania send Evelina Sašenko to Dusseldorf

Evelina Sašenko ©  LRT

Lithuania tonight held their national selection final.  9 acts qualified to the final from the semi finals including previous Lithuanian Eurovision participants Linas Adomaitis (2004) and Sasha Song (2009).  4 willdcard acts joined them in the final.

Current standing in DR’s online poll shows a clear favourite

A Friend In London ©  Bjarne Bergius Hermansen, DR

Saturday evening Danish broadcaster DR will ask the population who they want to represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest this year, but they have already asked the same question on their website. The current standing leaves no doubt who is the biggest favourite to win the 2011 Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.



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