The Danish charts two weeks after Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2014 album cover

It is now two weeks ago Basim won Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2014 with his Cliché Love Song, but how is it doing on the charts and have any of the others made it there? And not the least, is the official album once again selling well? EuroVisionary take the temperature on the Danish charts two weeks after its national final.

Olta Boka returns with a love duet - Ti me ke mua

Olta Boka ©  Top Fest/Top Channel

Olta Boka has released a beautiful new romantic love song featuring Erik Lloshi. The track is called Ti me ke mua (You Have Me). She is participating with the song in the 2014 Top Fest 11 competition in Albania. Olta has become increasingly popular in her homeland since taking part in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.

Major drop in viewers for NRK and Melodi Grand Prix

Melodi Grand Prix 2014 © NRK

Although winner of Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix Carl Espen is proving to be extremely popular abroad, dark clouds have gathered on NRK's Eurovision horizon - audience figures for this year's final have seen a sharp decrease. Could Melodi Grand Prix be losing its pulling power in Norway?

Edhe nje nate is the new song and video for Dorina

Dorina ©  SWART Production

Dorina has released her new song and video. It is called Edhe nje nate (Even One Night) and it is an uptempo dance song that is set to hit the dance floors of Albania. Dorina took part in the 2009 Festivali i Këngës with Një Fjalë Të Ngrohtë. Dorina's sister, Ervisa Toci, is also back with her new song, Me ty, at Top Fest 11.

Onanta Spahiu returns with My Love for Top Fest in Albania

Onanta Spahiu ©  TopFest/Top Channel

Onanta Spahiu is back with a brand new dance song called My Love. She is currently competing with her song in the Top Fest 11 festival in Albania. This is her come back single after Me Mungon from 2013. Onanta took part in the Festivali i Këngës competition for Eurovision in 2009 and 2010.

Shine is the Russian entry presented for Eurovision

Tomalchevy Twins ©  Tomalchevy Twins

The Russian entry for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest was presented to complete the full line-up for the contest to take place in Copenhagen in less than two months. The song to be performed by Tolmachevy Twins is called Shine.

Ukraine: Mariya Yaremchuk releases official music video for Tick-Tock

Mariya Yaremchuk ©  Sergey Illin/

Mariya Yaremchuk has presented the official music video her song Tick-Tock. She will represent Ukraine at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen with her upbeat dance song. The song is also presented in a remixed version since she won the Ukrainian national selection back in December.

Conchita Wurst to Rise Like A Phoenix on stage in Copenhagen

Conchita Wurst ©  Thomas Ramstorfer, ORF

The Austrian entry for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest was presented today - and many fans are in for a bit of a surprise as drag act Conchita Wurst will come to Copenhagen with the powerballad of the year. Their entry is titled Rise Like A Phoenix.

Go Wild: The new single and video for Mista

Mista ©  www,

The success story for Mista is set to continue with the release of her brand new single and video. The song is called Go Wild and is composed the American producers, The Force. She will begin a Go Wild Restart tour on 28 March and also promote her own fashion website.

HoD meeting: Provisionary dates and Denmark's starting position

JoinUs Eurovision Song Contest 2014 ©  DR

The first rehearsals starts in little over a month, and today at the Head of Delegation meeting in Copenhagen all the 2014 entries were officially submitted to the EBU. Denmark's starting position in the final was drawn and provisionary dates for the 2015 contest was set.

Axel Hirsoux wins Eurosong 2014 Final in Antwerp

Axel Hirsoux © een VRT

Tonight in front of thousands of screaming fans at the Antwerp Sportpaleis Axel Hirsoux was voted the winner of Eurosong 2014 and represents Belgium in Copenhagen with the song Mother. This evenings final featured a special performance from Belgium's one and only winner Sandra Kim.

No Prejudice: Pollapönk now sings 100% in English

Pollapönk © RÚV

In was new in this year's Icelandic final that the artist had to choose which language they will perform in for the Eurovision Song Contest. Pollapönk won with a bilungual version of their entry, but the official video released is 100% in English, implying the viewers were lied to.

Suzy wins Festival Da Canção and will represent Portugal in Copenhagen

Suzy © RTP

The final of the Portuguese national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, Festival Da Canção, was held tonight. A total of five acts were vying to represent Portugal in Copenhagen, but only the favourite from the audience would have that honour and it was Suzy with Quero Ser Tua.

Norway has decided: it's Carl Espen to Copenhagen!

Carl Espen © Kristján Sveinsson/

The Norwegian preselection has been gathering momentum over the past week and culminated this evening with the grand final from Oslo Spektrum. Nine acts waited nervously in the wings until their time came to take to the stage and shine. It was Carl Espen who emerged victorious from tonight's superfinal and will carry the hopes of Norway to Copenhagen.

Cristina Scarlat to represent Moldova with Wild Soul at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest

Cristina Scarlat ©

Cristina Scarlat will represent Moldova at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with the song, Wild Soul. The final of the 2014 O Melodie Pentru Europa selection was held at Studio 2 at TVM in Chișinău this evening. After two semi-finals it was decided by expert jury and televoting to send Cristina to Copenhagen.

Tolmachevy Twins to represent Russia in Copenhagen

Tomalchevy Twins ©  Tomalchevy Twins

Tolmachevy Twins has now officially beeen announced as the act that will represent Russia in the next Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen in May. The Russian sisters who won the 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will now move up into the senior contest. 

Ruth Lorenzo releases the videoclip and the final version of Dancing In The Rain

Ruth Lorenzo Videoclip © RTVE

The Spanish broadcaster has released the official video clip of Dancing In The Rain, which is also the final version of the song with lyrics that are quite different from what we heard in the national final including more verses in the English language.

San Marino reveals Valentina Monetta's entry for Copenhagen

Valentina Monetta  ©

Since their debut, micronation San Marino have tried and tried, and tried again but failed to make the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. They're hoping to change that this year with the entry Maybe with singer Valentina Monetta representing them for a third consecutive year.

The Shin & Mariko premiere their Eurovision entry, Three Minutes To Earth

The Shin & Mariko {Thomas Hanses, EBU}

Today the Georgian entry for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest has been presented. Three Minutes To Earth is one of these songs which add variety to the contest and it can be described as a folk song with a modern sound far from traditional.

Aram MP3 presents his Eurovision entry Not Alone

Aram MP3 © Public Television of Armenia

This evening has been presented Not Alone, the song that Aram MP3 will be performing for Armenia at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. The show featured the performances of many former Armenian Eurovision representatives who came to wish Aram MP3 good luck in Copenhagen.

Elaiza will be asking Is It Right? for Germany in Denmark

Elaiza on stage in Unser Song für Dänemark ©  Stijn Smulders, EBU

8 participating acts, 16 songs, but only 12 to be heard and a very complicated voting procedure that was what Germany offered tonight in Unser Song für Dänemark. The show that featured Emmelie de Forest and Emma Marrone as guest performers ended with Elaiza given a ticket to Denmark.

Festival da Canção 2014: Get to know the participants

Festival da cancao logo 2014 ©  RTP

After the semi-final which was held last week, only five of the ten acts qualified for the grand final of Festival da Canção to take place this Saturday from the Convento do Beato in Lisbon. Let's get to know the five candidates vying to represent Portugal at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest a little better.

Premiere of Common Linnets Calm Before The Storm tonight

The Common Linnets ©

Finally the moment many Dutch fans had been waiting for arrived - the duo The Common Linnets performed their entry for Copenhagen Calm Before The Storm for the first time live together on the talk show De Wereld Draait Door tonight. Reports of the song being leaked earlier this morning on the radio channel 3FM were denied by broadcaster TROS today.

Until We See The Sun - the new single and video from Luara

Luara Ayrapetyan ©  Luara/Facebook

Luara Ayrapetyan has released a brand new single and video for her new song, Until We See The Sun. The former Armenian Junior Eurovision singer from 2009 is now based in the USA and this is her fourth major music release and she gaining in popularity all the time.



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