David Civera

David Civera returns with a new album of unreleased songs

David Civera © davidcivera.es

Versión Original is the title of the eleventh album from David Civera. It features a total of ten original songs, all of them composed by David himself with the collaboration of producer and songwriter Daniel Ambrojo. It is a return to basic, but with a fresh and modern sound.

David Civera - Versión Original

David Civera - Versión Original

The eleventh studio album from David Civera who represented Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2001.

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Songs of all time on David Civera's new album

David Civera A ritmo de clásicos © Planet Music

On a new album David Civera looks back at his ten years on the music scene. From the beginning of his career he always wanted to record an album with a renewed version of his favorite classic songs. On A Ritmo De Clásicos he finds a way to put his own personal stamp on each track.

David Civera has kicked off his concert tour in Spain

David Civera Live from Ávila © Virginia López, EuroVisionary

David Civera, the 2001 Spanish Eurovision Song Contest representative, is set to give many concerts during his summer tour around Spain to make the audience enjoy his greatest hits. EuroVisionary was at his concert in Ávila and we could see firsthand that he remains being one of the most successful artists in his native country.

5 More Artists Qualify For Spanish Semi-Final

Destino Eurovision 2011 2nd heat © TVE

Spain just finished their second heat of Destino Eurovisión in the search for who can represent Spain at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. Out of the 12 acts presented, Esmeralda Grao, Melissa, Sebas, Mónica Guech and Don Johnsons managed to convince the jury and audience enough to advance to the national semi-final.


2001 Logo ©  EBU
Basic information
12 May 2001
Parken Stadium, Copenhagen, Denmark
Natasja Crone-Back and Soren Pilmark
About the contest: 

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time! Someone somewhere made the decision to allow the hosts to speak in rhymes. While it may have seemed a good idea to those sitting in a meeting room in the offices of DR, it just didn’t work in practice. Not helped by static delivery, the rhymes soon became irritating and a big turn-off.

Swedish broadcaster SVT set a new record for the live audience the previous year, DR broke that record again by hosting the contest in a football stadium. To eliminate the danger of singing in the rain, the stadium had a roof built on to it. The stage and audience area were massive! As a result, some of the acts almost disappeared. The presence of a bar in the auditorium meant that viewers were able to see members of the audience walking constantly to and fro.

It seemed that broadcasters were trying to outdo each other by organising the contest in a bigger venue year on year. One of the positive consequences of the Estonian win was that a more suitably sized venue would have to be used in 2002 due to the absence of any very large arenas in Estonia.  

The 2001 contest was full of surprises. Prior to the contest, no-one talked of Estonia as a potential winner, while Norway was the choice of those placing an each way bet. By the end of the night, Estonia had themselves a reasonably comfortable win while Norway was holding an inquest into what went wrong.

On returning home from Copenhagen, Tanel and Dave didn’t record together again. Tanel should have been set for a glittering career. He was an Estonian folk hero now and was young with many years of recording ahead of him. Unfortunately, an old-fashioned dispute with his record company left him unable to capitalise on his win.

Helena, lead singer of Greek group Antique, would return to the contest four years later and win. Malta’s Fabrizio Faniello would also make a return to the contest with somewhat less success. Tanel Padar was a backing singer girlfriend Ines in Stockholm the previous year, and she returned the compliment for him.

Bosnia, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal and Slovenia all returned to the contest while Austria Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, Macedonia, Romania and Switzerland were forced to take a break due to their records over the last five contests.

In 2001, the thing that drew the biggest headlines in host country, Denmark was what happened after the show. Danish broadcaster, DR, was made aware of what British commentator Terry Wogan had said during the live show. He is love and hated for his often satirical comments and this year he called the hosts, Søren Pilmark and Natasja Crone, for Doctor Death and the Tooth Fairy. That was too much for DR who asked for an official apology and though it is mentioned that it took several years they finally got it. Since that day Terry Wogan has been referring to Denmark as the country he can’t visit without wearing a plastic bag over his head as otherwise he will be publicly lynched.
About the songs: 
MichelleMichelle The Netherlands - Michelle - Out On My Own (English)

Music/Lyrics: André Remkes, Dirk Vermeij/André Remkes, Dirk Vermeij

Mournful strings mark the start of the opening song, although the theme - breaking free and living life as you want to - is a positive one. Mournful becomes determination by the end, although the subdued atmosphere remains.

TwoTrickyTwoTricky Iceland - TwoTricky - Angel (English)

Music/Lyrics: Einar Bardarson, Magnus Thor Sigmundsson/Einar Bardarson

The Icelandic duo changed the atmosphere with a chirpy little pop song. The lead singer was up for the challenge, giving a very enthusiastic performance.

 NinoNino Bosnia & Herzegovina - Nino - Hano (Bosnian/English)

Music/Lyrics: Nino Prses/Nino Prses

Looking like Ali G in his orange clothes and sunglasses, it would have been easy to dismiss Nino immediately. However, those giving him a chance saw a serious young man deliver his message in a quiet song with a minimal, modern arrangement that never hints at a sudden burst of energy.  

 Haldor LægreidHaldor Lægreid Norway - Haldor Lægreid - On My Own (English)

Music/Lyrics: Ole Henrik Antonsen, Tom Steinar Hansen/Ole Henrik Antonsen, Tom Steinar Hansen, Ole Jörgen Olser

Before the song really starts, viewers are treated to a shot of Haldor’s frilly shirt. What a shame! His song is a big musical style epic which should have been competing for victory. 

 Tal SondakTal Sondak Israel - Tal Sondak - Ein Davar (Hebrew)

Music/Lyrics: Yair Klinger/Shimrit Orr

After an excursion into the zany the previous year, Israel returned to the more familiar territory of ethnic, up-tempo sing along. However, it lacks the energy usually associated with this type of song.  

Mumiy TrollMumiy Troll Russia - Mumiy Troll - Lady Alpine Blue (English)

Music/Lyrics: Ilia Lagoutenko/Ilia Lagoutenko

Something different can sometimes mean difficult to listen to. Not this time. Lead singer Ilya Lagutenko is strangely hypnotising after the harpsichord intro has drawn in the listener. 

Sweden - Friends - Listen To Your Heartbeat (English)

Music/Lyrics: Henrik Stensson, Thomas G:son/Henrik Stensson, Thomas G:son

Abba returns! The Swedes probably tire of all their Eurovision acts and songs being compared to the contests most famous and successful export. If so, they should stop sending songs like this. Although wonderful in its own right, it is very much in the free flowing Abba style. The band is even fronted by two ladies, one blonde and one, you guessed it, brunette.

SkampSkamp Lithuania - Skamp - You Got Style (English)

Music/Lyrics: Victor Diavara/Erica Jennings, Vilius Alesius, Victor Diavara

There is not much style here, unless you think the 1970’s were the height of fashion. With flares and odd colour combinations to the fore, Skamp confidently performed their funk based tune. There was even room for a little rap to add a modern touch. 

Arnis MednisArnis Mednis  Latvia - Arnis Mednis - Too Much (English)

Music/Lyrics: Arnis Mednis/Gustavs Terzens, Arnis Mednis

With tongue firmly in cheek, Arnis sings about the perils of cheating on the bride-to-be. It’s an enjoyable three minutes of pop with a touch of rock thrown in to add a bit of weight.

VannaVanna Croatia - Vanna - Strings Of My Heart (English)

Music/Lyrics: Tonci Huljic/Vjekoslava Huljic, Boytronic

Vanna had given birth just weeks earlier and was looking fabulous for it! Classical mixes with a contemporary pop beat very successfully.

MTMMTM Portugal - MTM - Só Sei Ser Feliz Assim (Portuguese)

Music/Lyrics: Marco Quelhas/Marco Quelhas

Musically, this was another drop in standard for Portugal after their relegation from the 2000 contest, although the plea for racial harmony would have appealed to some. Credit should be given for sticking to their own language, even if the message may have been lost as a result.

Gary O'ShaughnessyGary O'Shaughnessy  Ireland - Gary O'Shaughnessy - Without Your Love (English)

Music/Lyrics: Pat Sheridan/Pat Sheridan

Another Irish entry and another dreary ballad that passes by unnoticed in the background. Gary looked very smug for someone much more likely to finish last than first.

 David CiveraDavid Civera Spain - David Civera - Dile Que La Quiero (Spanish)

Music/Lyrics: Alejandro Abad/Alejandro Abad

David’s song seemed destined to be heard in clubs all over the Costas with his commercial, summertime sound. There were ‘we’re all going on a summer holiday’ type smiles all round.

Natasha Saint-PierNatasha Saint-Pier France - Natasha Saint-Pier - Je N'ai Que Mon Ame (French/English)

Music/Lyrics: Jill Kapler/Jill Kapler

When the French get it right, they get it very right! Not many countries do emotional ballads as well as the French.  In a first for a French entry, Natasha sang one of the choruses in English, a move that caused much controversy in France

Sedat YüceSedat Yüce  Turkey - Sedat Yüce - Sevgiliye Son (Turkish/English)

Music/Lyrics: Semih Guneri/Nurdan Guneri, Figen Cakmak

A very self assured (some might say overly so) looking Sedat even found time for a wink at the camera as he sang one of Turkey’s slower and calmer entries.

Lindsay D.Lindsay D.  United Kingdom - Lindsay D. - No Dream Impossible (English)

Music/Lyrics: Russ Ballard, Chris Winter/Russ Ballard, Chris Winter

No Dream Impossible wants to be a club anthem and almost succeeds. There is always a danger that songs written for clubs will lose something when performed live, and that happened here. There is some rapping in the middle which lost some of its impact due to a similar interjection during the Lithuanian song.   

Nusa DerendaNusa Derenda Slovenia - Nusa Derenda - Energy (English)

Music/Lyrics: Matjaz Vlasic/Lucienne Lonchina

Another club anthem, but one that loses nothing in the live environment. A symphonic edge adds depth to the song.  

PiasekPiasek  Poland - Piasek - 2 Long (English)

Music/Lyrics: Robert Cjojnacki/Piasek

The intro gives the impression that a swing number is on its way. However, once the vocals begin, there is more of a pop feel, but with bursts of brass to wake anyone tempted to doze off. And there would have been a few!

MichelleMichelle  Germany - Michelle - Wer Liebe Lebt (German/English)

Music/Lyrics: Gino Trovatello, Matthias Stingl/Eva Richter

This is what the Germans are known and (by some) loved for. It is an anthemic call for unity, certainly not the first time the Germans have sent a song with this theme. 

Tanel Padar, Dave BentonTanel Padar, Dave Benton  Estonia - Tanel Padar, Dave Benton & 2XL - Everybody (English)

Music/Lyrics: Ivar Must/Maian-Anna Kärmas

Not even the Estonians saw the win coming! They broke out of the slow ballad habit which had followed them through most of their entries to date. Instead, they sent a sing along with a hard edge sung by two guys with an on-stage chemistry. 

Fabrizio FanielloFabrizio Faniello  Malta - Fabrizio Faniello - Another Summer Night (English)

Music/Lyrics: Paul Abela/Georgina Abela

If viewers were already looking forward to their holiday after hearing the Spanish song, then Fabrizio would have raised the anticipation to a higher level with his even more summary, light tune.

AntiqueAntique  Greece - Antique - Die For You (Greek/English)

Music/Lyrics: Nikos Tersis/Antonis Pappas

Success was virtually guaranteed for the Greeks. The writer of the music, Nikos Tersis, managed to maintain a very Greek atmosphere while making Die For You quite cosmopolitan, contemporary, credible up-tempo pop song. The end result is very, very catchy.

Rollo & KingRollo & King  Denmark - Rollo & King - Never Ever Let You Go (English)

Music/Lyrics: Soren Poppe/Stefan Nielsen

With the rare use of the harmonica and the toe-tapping, easy to hum melody, it is easy to imagine every busker in Copenhagen singing it. Judging by the result, they would have made plenty of money.  






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