Forum Horsens to host Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2016

Horsens to host Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2016

They were in the running, although considered without a chance, to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, and now they are getting some kind of consolation as DR this afternoon will announce that the Jutlandic city of Horsens will host the 2016 Danish final, Melodi Grand Prix.

99 cover

Ruth Lorenzo goes back to singing in English

Ruth Lorenzo, who represented Spain in 2014 with the song Dancing In The Rain, released her first album Planeta Azul last October and now after almost a year, the singer and songwriter has decided to go back to singing in English in her new single called 99 which she just released as she heads into what seems is…

Loreen - Im In It With You

Loreen releases new single

Months after her latest release, Paper Light, 2012 Swedish Eurovision Song Contest winner Loreen has released a brand new song called I´m In It With You. The song is an international project in collaboration with a Canadian who she worked with before.